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status of my hep b
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status of my hep b

I discovered that I have Hepa b virus since october 2004.

Now, In 2008 my lab test results,
HBsAg      2004.52  reactive
Anti-HBs        0.34   non-reactive
HBeAg           0.48   non-reactive
Anti-HBe        0.5     reactive
Anti-HBcIgG   12.23  reactive
Anti-HAV Igm   0.46 non-reactive

Normal Liver ultrasound
SGPT  23.5
My Doctor say no treatment required.

This June 2013 for the, last week.
SGPT   19.0 U/L cut-off 4-41
HBeAg       0.48  non-reactive
HBsAg   2355.79 reactive

I have notice that for 2 years, my HBsAg increased. I want to know that this result is dangerous on my side?
Anybody can give me advice, What exactly I should do? What does it means?

Avatar m tn
You should state the unit of your qHBsAg, but I suspect the numbers for your HBsAg related to a qualitative assay and therefore useless for comparison. Do a real quantitative assay that will give results in iu/ml.

You should also regularly measure your viral load(hbvdna), together with ALT, it gives you a better picture of the state of your liver.
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