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tests at 13 weeks of gcmaf
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tests at 13 weeks of gcmaf

still early to say if gcmaf is working, when nagalase gets to normal levels immune system starts to clear hiv so if it works for hbv too we must wait that time.

as regards vitamin d it has lowered some without supplements so i will keep taking 5000iu daily with close monitoring of serum calcium and vitd25oh, i want it well higher than 50ng/ml always:
april 27   43ng/ml  before gcmaf
june 06   58ng/ml supplments with gcmaf
july 06    59ng/ml gcmaf with no supplements
aug 03    49ng/ml gcmaf with no supplements

as regards ast/alt i lowered alinia(nitazoxanide) to 1,5 g daily instead 2g some weeks ago:
alt rose from 29 to 46
this maybe due to immune system activation but since i got normal alt only taking 2g daily of alinia and all the times i stopped it i got alt from 40 to 50 i dont want any risk and restart alinia 2g from today

hbsag got down a bit but not significant because it is always up and down from 4500 to 6500:
21 oct 2010   4590iu/ml
02 dec2010   6218
20 jan 2011   5381
22 mar2011   6255
26 may2011  hospital records, i dont hve this reading yet
03 aug2011   4995

if it keeps a declining pattern to less than 4000iu/ml we may start to say it is going down, otherwise not significant changes for now

nagalase should be ready end of august

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forgot about cholesterol but i am using red yeast rice for now, not simvastatin, which is the only one with proven activity on hbv:

tot chol 164
ldl  92
hdl 61
trgl 57

good numbers close to ideal numbers reported from studies as:
tot chol<150
I always see gcmaf ana nagalase .. What are they?
What normal values of nagalase?

abnormal nagalase blocks activation of macrophages making immune system blind to pathogens.norml levels less than 0.95U

some answers:


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