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wonderfull presentation of easl 2011 conference results
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wonderfull presentation of easl 2011 conference results

most interesting findings:

sustained immune response only on those with:
cccdna equal or less than 5 copies/cell this is probably about hbsag 500iu/ml or less

exclusion of cirrhosis by fibroscan (most useful everyday tool to monitor liver damage/fibrosis)
>8kpa significant lesions, therapy necessary

hbsag level to predic seroclearance of hbv
hbsag<200 iu/ml  prediction of hbv clearance by 1-5years see table on file
hbsag<100iu/ml   prediction of hbv clearance by 1-5years see table on file
of course the lower hbsag the most probablility of hbv eradication

risk of liver cancer, at hbvdna undetactable 1.5% at 18years, very close to 0% at about 8 years (they dont say but this is probably without cirrhosis)

tables of hbsag decline in interferon+ antivirals combo etv or tnf or adv (on report interferon+tnf+etv) and eradication of hbv, see tables in file

tables about rep 9 ac replicor (probably a bomb therapy if combined with etv or tnf)
LB80380 for lam resistance mutants
gs9620 from gilead - the results of this on animals look too generic to say, i'd wait to see human trials because it looks like there is a relapse after end of therapy they used compound for too short time to have a real meaning

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