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1st doc visit - labs
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1st doc visit - labs

I'm in week 18 and finally got a doctor visit today.  I'm geno 1a vl 496k und at week 12. stage 2 grade 2.Can anyone help decifer my labs?  This is my first view of them so I don't know prior levels.
I do know my baseline cbc but not thyroid.  I get labs once a month and next pcr at 24 weeks.  I'll be lucky if I get 10 minutes of GI's time so I want to prepare.  I do feel like ****.

white cell count 2.9 L
hemoglobin 11.9
hemacrit 34.4 L
Platelet CT 160
%neutrophils 42.7 L
%lymphcytes 33.7
%monocytes 21.3 H
%bosinophils 1.8
%basophils .5
abs neutrophil cnt 1.2 L
abs lymphocyte cnt 1.0 L
abs monocyte cnt .6
abs eosinphil cnt .1
abs basophils 0
red blood cels 3.77 L
mcv 91.3
mch 31.5
mchc 34.5
rdw 12.6
mpv 9.6

hepatic panel
total protien 7.2
albumin 4.8
bilirubin total .2
bilirubin diretect .0
alk 69
ast 34
alt 40

tsh <0.06 L
free t4 1.88 H
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You are on the vergeg of becoming hyper thyroid right now - you have a slightly overactive thyroid - the interferon has caused an autoimmune disease and what happens is that it attacks the thyroid because it thinks it is bad too (like the hepc) and wants to kill it off.  It's common to first go hyper and then switch completely around and go hypo so you'll need to keep watching that. Most likely your doc will either keep monitoring it or send you to go to an Endo Doc.  They will give you a nuclear imaging scan.

In the three weeks time I waited for my scan appt. my tsh was 0.0 and by the time I got there it was over 6 - they were just shocked because I was a walking skeleton by that time.

Once a day I take Synthroid. That's all you have to do. It controls how much thyroid stuff you have inside.  It's better to be Hypo then Hyper. if you stay hyper the chance is they will want to remove your thyroid because it can be quite dangerous.

If you google Graves Disease you will learn about being hyper.  Hashimoto is hypo.

Obviously, I'm no expert since I say things like "thyroid stuff" but I think you'll get the point.  

But right now........even though it says L for Low I dont believe you are really even outo f the range of normal yet.  The older number for being low was .05 but now they've lowered that to .03 I think - so I think you are ok.

You can just ask him what he thinks about it but I think you are ok.  You don't need baseline thyroid numbers because it is either hyper, hypo or normal.

I hope that helped a bit.

Your hemo is sinking but it doesn't appear to be very bad at all.  You could ask him if it gets lower (they won't prescribe procrit until it gets down to about 10 - and by that time you're very well aware you are having problems) how he intends to deal with it...will he prescribe any Procrit or Epogen.  That is very important to know. That way if he says NO you can perhaps look around for  a good hemo doc and get them to prescribe it.

All in all your numbers are looking pretty good though.  

I wish you all the best of luck.
nygirl - you were correct.  he made me an appt with an endo doc for a week from today.  he seemed a little paniced.  he hadn't seen my latest thyroid results until i got there.  last months were fine.  

as always, thanks for your help.

Anne, your test isn't all that bad so don't panic.  Worse come to worse all you need do basically is take one little pill a day to control your thyroid - there are way bigger things to panic about....but isn't it nice to know that your doctor CARES and that is what it sounds like to me.

Many times on here you read how doctors just don't seem to.  You are lucky :)
the doc said hyperthyroid was harder to deal with than hypo?  the doc infered that they may take me off the meds.  i have an appt thurs with the endo doctor. do we know anybody that continued treatment with hyper?  hypo seems way more common.  i wonder if i need to start a new thread to get that info.  i would be so relieved to hear that somebody continued threatment with hyper.
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