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AST, ALT labs went from normal to slighty abnormal to increased in 6 mo...
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AST, ALT labs went from normal to slighty abnormal to increased in 6 months

I am a 52 year old female, with hasimoto's hypothryroidism, osteopenia (2.5)  As of 4/06 labs were normal except Hgb 15.8 and MCH 33.1.  
10/4/06   BUN/CreatinineRatio  25.7H, TSH 0.06L, AST 36H, ALT44H
10/24/06   BUN/Creatinine Ratio 15.0 (6.0-25.0)okay now, But
          AST 43H  ALT 78H
Hep PNL W/RFx, acute HAV AB IGM  nonreactive
HB S AG W/ reflex conf HB S AG  non reactive
HB CORE AB IGM  non reactive
Hep C AB
HCV Ratio
HCV AB  0.06   non reactive
HIV  nonreactive
Something is going wrong and the doctors perplexed. I suffered a fingerstick from a 23 guage needle, I am in health care, on 4/15/06 and all labs were normal then and prior to that incident.
I have convinced the doctor to give me a liver scan.

Questions: The MD said that it most likely is not HCV as I would have had seroconversion by now and the numbers would be higher, I thought there was a longer period of time that this could happen and this change in ALT And AST could be an indication of my diagnosis, yes or no?
Questions: CAn a gallbladder problem cause the rise in labs?
Questions: CAn this be a sign of another autoimmunine disease?
Questions: Why doesn't a doctor see a significance in the change inthe ALT And AST until I insist on further testing? IF  labs have been within range and then slowly but suddenly goes out of range is that not a "red flag" that something is happening?
History: I do not smoke, do not drink, I do not take tylenol, I do take synthyroid, Multivitamins and I did take relacore(cortisol blocker), I exercise and I thought I  was in good heatlh until these labs kept increasing.
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The doctor is correct that you probably don't have Hep C, but you are correct that the prudent thing would be to explore further based on both the finger stick incident and your elevated enzymes. In regard to the Hep C part, if it were me, I'd re-test now with both a Viral Load Test (PCR) and another antibody test.
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