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Bile Deficiency

Dear Doc or forum posters,

I have a long list of mild symptoms that seem to be getting worse as I age. I have never been diagnosed with liver problems and it is three months before they can look at me. I have read that these symptoms could be a bile dificiency.

Here are my symptoms:

I usually have yellow stool with alot of the food not well digested.

I am often fatigued feeling

I do not eat any sugar, and eat extremely healthy (no processed foods).

When I eat nuts or eggs or bananas my stool is completely yellow and is generally yellow to orange most of the time.

I don't have discoloration on my skin or eyes

I have been balding for the last 13 years due to this condition

During that time I always noticed my stool being more yellow all the time.

I don't feel particularly unhealthy, can run, and exercise

I snore habitually and wake up with alot of swelling around my eyes in the mornings.

Most of my life I have had some troubles with sleeping normally and snoring.

My father is hypoglycemic and grandfather on his side had diabetes.

Is this list of symptoms adding up to a high probability of a certain set of liver conditions (i.e., parasite, virus, genetic bile dificiency, stones)?

Is there a diet that will help? I am already on a 80% raw food diet plus tuna. I have noticed that when I eat a huge mixed green salad or take alot of spirulina my stool turns to a healthy walnut brown. Are those foods just masking the problem? Also, when I use Paragone (herbal cleanse) for several weeks my stool stays dark for several weeks then goes back to yellow again.

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I am sorry you are hving these concerns. It must be difficult to have to wait 3 months to be seen.

Light colored stools can be a sign of liver problems but you'd need to be evaluated to confirm if you do have a "bile deficiency issue. Is there any way you can get in to be seen quicker? Can ou get on a cancellation list or something? I have called the doctor and offered to fill last minute cancellations if any come up and it has worked for me more than once and I ended up being seen much sooner.

3 months is a long time to worry!
Good luck, I hope you get some answers soon.
Bile deficiency is a problem I now have (I am guessing.) because after a year of HCV treatment one of my several side effects is constipation, no matter what I eat!  I never had serious constipation until this last year of combination tx.  I do not eat meat or high fat foods.  I am now, because of my post-tx situation (10 weeks) eating a macrobiotic diet.  I still have horrible constipation.  

CDJ2, if you do not mind, I believe -- especially if you have HCV -- that you have major focus problems.  Your question is about bile deficiency but you hardly mention the subject; instead you segue into multiple other subjects.  This focus issue is a major symptom of liver disease!  

The first time I saw your statement, even though highly interested in the subject, and disappointed because there were no responses, I passed on responding.  I just did not think you had the interest in bile deficiency because you rambled on and on about other symptoms.  

Maybe you could start this thread over.  I think it is an excellent subject.  

PS: Few people share the truth with each other because they do not want to hurt people's feelings.  I hope you respect my honesty.  I was an incessant rambler when I was extremely symptomatic with HCV.  

The best, WillPower
I do not have HCV. I've been tested for that and have never shared needles or used them on myself. I am thinking (after doing extensive research on my symptoms for severals years) that I have candida attacking my liver and digestive track. I have been using raw garlic 3 times a day now and acidophilous pills and having some success with feeling much better. Yes, I tend to ramble because the candida also gets in my sinuses and digestive track making me snore most nights - I wake up after snoring and feel very unrested. I've cleansed before and cleared up these symptoms (even the snoring) but they try to come back afterward. I am looking for a permanent solution. The raw garlic (heating kills the beneficial enzymes) seems to work better than any of the herbal cleansing supplements I've tried and its very inexpensive to use. My stool also turns dark brown after cleansing even without eating greens. I am opting to stay holistic in my approach and it is working - I feel very healthy from this today with no symptoms. Good luck. CJ
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