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CDC overlooks Hep C in their 'priority list'
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CDC overlooks Hep C in their 'priority list'

I saw this article on Yahoo.  I'm hoping you all can go to the link and pull it up.  Then, comments?

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Hi - see conversations below - "letter writing campaign to CDC"
Sounds totally political to me. He wants to focus on "winnable situations" so he'll look good. I find it sad that he seems to be focusing on things that people can easily change on their own, and is leaving out the things that only medicine can help.

I think we should all post on that blog that is mentioned.

I totally agree with you .I think id much rather have a few pounds on me than having this dreadful dragon.Thats something I can change.More federal money needs to come forward with our fight!!!
I heard on the radio the other morning that schools are going to start posting on the cafeteria walls the nutrition in school lunches!Seems like a waste of money to me.They are not going to read this stuff-nutrition needs to start at home.I get sooo mad at the wasteful spending our govt does and not focusing on things that matter UGH!!!!!!!
Are we starting a letter campaign to CDC? :) I sent my letter today. Who is next?
Noone in my family is infected with HCV, but me. Yet, the way it goes right now, if the situation continues as it is in this country, and CDC keeps their eyes "wide shut", where is a guarantee that my children can't acquire this ugly virus from some kind of medical or dental procedure in the future? Why do they keep telling that you are in the risk group only if you use drugs or risky sex, etc.? It's not true. NOT TRUE. Anyone can get HCV nowadays. It scares me to think how many people have no idea they are infected. We need to screen for HCV routinely, at least for the period of time when they finally fix the problem with healthcare workers whose negligence sometimes contributes to this epidemy.
Right on!

I am an RN and acquired HCV by way of an accidental needle stick. Not that HOW I acquired it is important, but I have a point here.

After I was diagnosed, I didn't tell anyone but family for a long time, and if they thought anything bad about it, they never said anything. But at work, while taking report from other nurses, if I was getting a patient who was positive for HCV, you would be shocked to know how many nurses would look me in the eye and say "druggie". I was taken aback as to how judgmental these fellow health care workers are. I would always come close to losing my cool, but would just say "you don't know that". And so what if they were drug users??? Does the means by which someone has acquired a virus determine the standard of care they receive? That kind of thinking is just wrong.

I believe the world is in for a shock in the next ten years or so when the numbers of people infected skyrocket. This virus is pandemic and is not going to get better until sound teaching is provided to the thick headed bureaucrats who think it will never happen to them or anyone they love, so they don't care.

I have been asked to prepare some material and be a motivational speaker for new nurses about HCV and its treatment and jumped at the opportunity to do that. If even one nurse will be better to a patient with HCV because of something I say, it will be worth it.

Great point in your last post.  how one acquires HCV, HIV, cancer etc is irrelavent.  Why do so many want to blame the victim?  Often the first thing I hear people ask when they hear someone was diagnosed with lung cancer is '"Did he or she smoke?" Is it more palatable if they did?  Did they deserve it? NO.  

I recall as a resident in radiology hearing a CT tech complain about having to do an extra study because of some "AIDS patient".  He then went on to say that the patient wouldn't be in this position if he "didn't stick it where it doesn't belong".  Obviously, he didn't know I was HIV positive.  

What was his irritation?  He was rushing to go on his cigarette break.  


Drug addiction is as much of a disease as a bleeding disorder.  Who care how someone had the misfortune of becoming HCV+?
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