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Can someone understand these tests the Doctor wrote??
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Can someone understand these tests the Doctor wrote??

Hello everyone!
After the tears...Yes I am reacting and fighting thankyou all for the messages...I really appreciate the time u've all taken to give information and just a shoulder to cry on...
After the tears...
I went to specialist yesterday after being diagnosed Tuesday and the conclusion was to do other tests...these are the tests...(in italian)
can anyone make something of all this??...my viral load is 9 x 10^4...

these are the exams that he wrote for me to do...
HCV-rna genotipo,ANA,AMA,ALM,ANTI-ENA,FT3,FT4,TSH,AP,EMOCROMO,tgo/p,Bil.t/d,fa,ggt,uricemia,PT con elettroforesi...ETG addome studio ecostruttura epatica, asse splenoportale.
what do u think???

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HCV-RNA genotype, ANA, AMA, ALM, ANTI-ENA, FT3, FT4, TSH, AP, CBC, TGO / p Bil.t / d, f, GGT, uric acid, PT ... ETG abdomen electrophoresis study liver echotexture, splenoportale axis.

Thats thru google translate, looks to me like he ordered a genotype test and some other test as well as a fibroscan to determine liver damage you may have at this point. I may be wrong, if so, someone else will chime in to let you know I'm sure
Hi Michelle. You have come to the right place.

Now that you know that you have chronic hepatitis C like most of us here at one time or another,  you need further evaluation so your doctor can understand more it and how it has affected your health.
The first test is to find out what genotype you are. That is important because it determines what treatment you can have.
Most of these tests are to assess any liver damage you may have. This is all typical. We have all had the same tests.

You are going through the initial shock of being diagnosed. We have all been there. You are not alone. The people on this forum will help you step by step to understand your illness and help you treat and get rid of the virus. Try to take it easy. Hepatitis C is a curable disease and more is understood about it then ever before. This is just a bump in the road of life. As you learn more about hepatitis C you'll realize it is not as bad as we all fear at first.

Good luck.
Let us now the results when you get them.

First, your HCV-ma genotipo is one of the easier ones to treat. The hardest is HCA, then B, and you have C, which is a great thing. From ANA to PT with eletroforesi are all blood tests which will probably be drawn at the same time. They will let the doctor know how your liver is doing, what damage if any has occurred. Thes last tests you listed I cannot understand because I don't know Italian, I'm sorry! Let me know what happens, good luck and God bless.
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