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Geting a referral to a Hepatologist in Ontario.
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Geting a referral to a Hepatologist in Ontario.

Clinic doctor "I won't give you this, you need a family doctor". A legal fact or other excuse ?


1. I cannot get a doctor, up to 9 months developing trust & trueth, then refused.

2. I ask for copies of medical test results, often forget a the time, refused latter or $25.00 per page. I do have a "history" on paper for 7-8 years.

3. The new doctor application form/questioniare: No interest in my files.
Yesterdays app. asks "Have you every smoked, how long?" NOT "when did you quit". Literature says lungs heal in 5 years. Current Canadian statistic is 42% of males will develope cancer, NOT just exsmokers.

4. I had a referral to a Gastro., no further contact, no call-backs, in person is the same result...ignored. Report dated April, 2007. Basic blood work & antibody positive.

5. Ontario public health relists you as Hep C negative as the test doesn,t work on the "healthy", below the cheap test detection. LIES for a statistic. No matter what you say to a doctor, you are listed as "shared needles". Actual question is "have you ever used drugs".

6. Current reatment is not dependant on viral load ?

7. Treatment can be weeks insteat of the 2 drug 6 months of 5 years ago ?

8. If I have  FACTS with its medical referance sources, I may be able to leverage  a Hepo referral TONIGHT with a pain management doctor. I'am non -narcotic, Lyrica & Quinine...I'm not wired to heroin molecules by choice.

How do I get a Hep specialist? Keep in mind my OHIP is Ontario...another jurisdiction won't help. What facts can I present to force a referral ??? Thank you.
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I'll just address your last comment.

I don't think you can get in to see a hepatologist without a referral. I'm in Canada too (Alberta) and there is no way into the specialist system except through a referral from your general doctor.

If you have tested positive for the virus, a referral to a liver clinic or specialist should be automatic. I don't know why they aren't referring you.

And from your question - and the previous one - it's still not clear to me. Have you tested positive for the virus? I don't mean the first test for Hep C antibodies. You can be positive for antibodies, but negative for the virus.
Hi You test positive in anti-bodies & negative for virus. Its the test type giving the negative, you have the symptoms, the disease progresses. Melisa Palmer book speaks on testing BS.
So the cheap test works on higher viral load, not on low virus count.
Its criminal. My blood indicates advanced liver disease was NOT there last year.  Doctor was testing for kidney failure & bladder cancer. Nice to know thats negative...meantime the hep advances.

What I said is what I THINK I know, I am not current, seeing "3 drug" treatments as short as 2 weeks on this website T or F ???
I need facts, the reference to CONVINCE a clinic doctor that knows I'm not a scammer/junky.

Like I asked in my post, Ontario facts & proceedure. Off topic just distracts (more reading before posting) persons that do know.

I have not found a direct link to anyone in Ontario with the EXPERIENCE. Some years back there was a few. Hosts died?...welcome to Hep C treatment in Ontario.

If I lived in a city that had a Hepotoligist, it would be easier...ask the doc's receptionist who to see.

At distance its very difficult, the doctor search at Ontario COLLEGE of physicians is screwy, list 200+ when there is less than a dozen...welcome from  the governing doctor authority of Ontario. Other doctor search sites id the same BS.

The search engines are so commercially screwed you seldom get to the key words string ...EVEN using "search within results" or ".edu"

There was an OSHAWA group & a smaller HAMILTON one 5(?) years back.

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