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HR......would appreciate your insight.
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HR......would appreciate your insight.

The reader's digest version here.....

Me:  GT 1A - Treated in '07 with SOC 800MG Rib. and Pegasys ( prefill syringes ) slow responder.....relapsed.......

        Coinfected also with HIV---UND Meds: Norvir, Sustiva, Reyataz

        LAP-BX this past Dec showed grade/stage of: 0/1....minimal damage.

        Miami Dr's, Dr's Lennox Jeffers, wants me to wait instead of retreat...based on BX.  They to combat rising liver
        enzymes have placed me on something called USRO.......not really sure what that is except that it supposedly
        lowers liver enzymes.

        Doesn't interact with HIV meds...........Also what is this reverstrol supplement..........not
        sure I've spelled it correctly but in simple terms tell me what it does?

         Anyway appreciate you being here to offer insight into our forum......Until then.......    

        In Him,
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Ok i am not HR but here is some info on Urso.

Urso = Ursodiol = Urspdeoxycholic Acid (UDCA)

From http://www.virtualgastrocentre.com/drugs.asp?drugid=160 and is for Ursofalk whick is made by Dr Falk Pharma GmbH in Germany. Urso is Usro though


Generic Name: Ursodeoxycholic acid
Product Name: Ursofalk

Indication of Ursofalk:
Ursofalk is used in the treatment of chronic liver disease in which the flow of bile has stopped for some reason (eg. primary biliary cirrhosis, primary sclerosing cholangitis and cystic fibrosis-related cholestasis.

Action of Ursofalk:

The main ingredient of Ursofalk, ursodeoxycholic acid, is a substance that appears naturally in the body. It is used to treat cholestatic liver disease, although the mechanism is not fully understood.

Ursodeoxycholic acid alters the composition of bile, increasing concentrations of itself and decreasing amounts of toxic bile acids. It also increases bile flow.

There is some evidence that ursodeoxycholic acid may also act via an immunological mechanism, details of which are not fully understood.

UDCA has been tested with Interferon and while it didnt improve SVR rates it probably did something. Relapse occurred latter and VL rebound was lower in at least one study on it.
There is quite a bit on IFN and Urso if you google it.

UDCA along with Milk Thistle and PPC should lower your enzymes.

Resveratrol is one of HRs antifibrotics.
Maybe you should consider doing HR's supps regime. It does something.

All the Best
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