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Help to find any Charity Organizations for buying Pegasys
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Help to find any Charity Organizations for buying Pegasys

Good morning!

I’m writing you letter about the girl that needs your help. Her name
is Dinara. She went to the dentist in 2010, which infected
her cavity.
She is now sufferer of Hepatitis C. She used “phosphoglyph” (it is
kind of hepatoprotector) for 5 months, but it didn’t have any real effect.
Her doctors predicted her coming death if she doesn’t use specific
medication. The medication’s name is Pegasys (Pegatron).
She needs to take it once a week for 6-12 months (depends on
the type of the virus’ genotype). The doctor says that
Pegatron gives a warranty of treatment.
The main problem is that Pegasys cost $700-1000 for a dose.
The doctor also said that if she’ll get treatment procedure in the
United States or in Europe, because American and Europian
medicine level is much higher than in other countries.
But wherever the person is and whatever race and nationality she
is from, she is still human and I’d like to look at her as at
the person that needs your help, not a citizen of her country
or representative of her nationality.
She is my friend and if I have this money I would give them for her
treatment. It is so horrible to understand that my friend will die soon.
I have a terrible feeling when I think about the 26 years old
woman, who will never have a beloved husband and become a devoted mother.
I’m writing you this letter as a last hope. She deeply believes in
God, so I hope that God can help through your hands.
If it’s possible, please pay some attention to my friend’s fate.
Hope you can help her to get the treatment, she can be happy
again. I’m sure she’ll be very thankful for her happy life.
Please! Help! I don`t know what can I do? I don`t want to lose her!

She is my life! Please, help! I beg you!
Sincerely yours,
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Sorry to hear of your friend’s predicament. If she resides outside of the U.S., assistance with pharmaceuticals is more difficult to obtain than if she lives here.

Patient assistance from the manufacturer is available to qualifying individuals that reside in the US:

Pegassist (Genentech Pegasys system): 888-941-3331

Another course of action could be participation in clinical trials; these are widely available here in the US as well as the E.U.:


and selected countries in Asia and Africa.

If you state what country your friend now lives perhaps others in here will offer additional advice. Good luck to you both,

I am very sorry about your friend's diagnosis and situation.

I just want to mention a couple of things.

First, your friend needs to have tests to determine what Genotype she has because the treatment protocols vary depending on the Genotype. She shold also be seeing a Gastroenterology doctor or a Hepatologist who is familiar with Hepatitis C and the various treatments.

Second, she needs to look into assistance because the treatment is very expensive. It is not just the medications. The frequent tests and doctor visits are very expensive too. In addition, depending on the Genotype, she may be placed on 3 medications, all of which are expensive (although if she resides in the US she may be able to get help for the medication expenses through the drug companies). In addition, depending on how she responds, she may be in treatment for up to 48 weeks.

Third, if she does treat, she could have side effects or complications from the medications or from the Hepatitis that could require hospitalization, another huge expense.

Fourth, I think it is unrealistic to think a person, any person, could cover all of these treatment costs without insurance, without medication cost assistance, and without assistance to pay for labs and tests and doctor visits. Therefore, she needs to check to see what assistance she would qualify for. Another option would be, as Bill mentioned, to look into getting her into a trial. I believe in trials most costs are covered (because she would be in a trial).

I wish both of you the very best and I hope you can find the assistance she needs.
I have heard that If you call the manufacturer of pegasys they have helped people with free medication. Under the circumstances I would call them. They are here in the US. but it wouldn't hurt to call or write them.
Thank you so much for your advice!
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