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High Liver Enzymes
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High Liver Enzymes

Dear Dr

I've been suffering for the last 6 month a plethora of lab tests for high liver enzymes even though i do not have any symptoms to complain about. It all started when i decided to have a routine check. The following describes the chronological status of my results and i hope to have a comforting response from you:

1. January 16th 2010: Had a full blood check up and i noticed the following:
SGPT (ALT): 233.2
SGOT (AST): 81.2
Serum Alk. Phosphatase: 203

Accordingly i went to a liver specialist and had an ultrasound which concluded an enlarged liver size 18cm and i was told that i have what is called a "Fatty Liver". Then i was asked to have some medicine and to have a check for Viruses A,B & C in addition to SGPT, SGOT and GGT

2. February 15th 2010, i did the lab tests, and the results were as follows:
Viruses were negative (No viruses)
SGPT (ALT): 163
SGOT (AST): 61
GGT: 356

i was terrified by the GGT but the Dr told me that this number will be lowered after the enzymes are back to their normal range.
I was also given some more meds for an additional 2 months.

3. April 4th 2010

I had the lab tests results as follows:
SGPT (ALT): 63.4
SGOT (AST): 78.5
GGT: 537

i was still terrified of the number, but the Dr comforted me and told me that this is normal, but he modified the medicine to lower the GGT and asked me to come back after 2 weeks.

4. April 20th 2010
I had the lab tests results as follows:
SGPT (ALT): 133.4
SGOT (AST): 69
GGT: 410
i.e: i was eating junk food at this time

At this point i decided to visit another specialist to have a second opinion, who ordered additional tests (SGPT, GGT, ANA, LKM -Ab, AMA & ASMA) and gave me a couple of meds to have and asked me for a strict food diet for the remainder of the month.

4. May 26th 2010: Donated blood for an open heart surgery patient ( the hospital made a full viruses lab test for the blood and they told me that every thing is ok)

5. June 09th 2010

results as follows:
SGPT(ALT): 124.8
GGT: 312

ANA by IF: Negative
AMA: Negative
LKM - Ab: Negative
ASMA: Positive

Till now i couldn't conclude what i have, is it just a fatty liver, or is it metabolism syndrome or autoimmune hepatitis or PBC. I'm not sure if what i have done for the past six month is the right thing? could you please advise me what do i have, or what should i do. If i understand correctly, The ANA test was the most important test to ensure that i'm not suffering from any of the above mentioned liver diseases and only ASMA is not indicative of a certain disease.

Finally, i would like to apologize for this long message, but i thought of giving u a full feedback of my lab results.

N.B my cholestrol levels are ok, Never drink alcohols, A little high triglyceride level.

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Fatty liver is very common in americans, especially if you are overweight. The best cure for it is to eat properly, exercise and lose weight. If you are not overweight, it is still most likely caused by poor diet (high fat and high sugar diets especially). Insulin resistance and diabetes can also make you prone to fatty liver and nash

If fatty liver progresses it is called nash (Nonalcoholic Steatohepatitis), this means you that you not only have a greasy fatty liver, but you have larger deposits of fat in your liver and this can lead to serious liver disease and cirrhosis if you do not take care of yourself.

here is a link to some good information:


Currently, no specific therapies for NASH exist. The most important recommendations given to persons with this disease are to

reduce their weight (if obese or overweight)

follow a balanced and healthy diet

increase physical activity

avoid alcohol

avoid unnecessary medications
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Are you aware that this isn't the forum where you get answers from doctors. We are hepatitis C patients here. It doesn't look like you have that.
Avatar m tn
This is a Hepatitis C forum. All I can offer is my opinion, something is definately wrong with your liver.  Because your test results have not gotten better I would continue to seek answers. Perhaps going to a liver clinic at a university and getting another opinion.
Best of luck
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