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Improvement of immunity
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Improvement of immunity

Hi everyone , it's me again!

I want to introduce myself, as a person with genotype 1, at the begining of therapy had 1.300.000 copies, , at the end somethingh similar, (the end was Octoboer 2008), and liver biopsy was stage 3 (this was done August 2007). Is everyone familiar with , what that meens? I have a few questions.
First:  Is it possible that liver improves, even if not under therapy for such a long time, or is always getting worse?
Second: Is it possible to boost immune system with herbs, plants, supplements, and other stuff?
Third: Are the excercises good for health of liver, because, since I have to protect myself a lot by the 2011, or evern 2012!
Question is also, very , if not most important , are those new medicaments will be awailable for free, or you have to pay for them (every new drug is usually expensive to buy, I guess!),

What are good ways to improve immunity?,
Thank You all, and God Bless you all!
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A lot of good and valid questions.

No clinically proven answers.

1) The liver has a remarkable capability to regenerate itself
    I believe it is possible under right conditions for fibrosis to  improve
    even with active infection

2) It is possible to boost immune system of course.
    The problem that arises is that if you boost your immune system your
    body fights more virus. If it fights more virus it will attack your infected
    liver cells more and maybe cause more damage.
    Still looking to the answer of that riddle myself.

3) I would say diet and excersise in moderation are beneficial to everyone

4) Free newly developed medications? I dought it but insurance has to cover
    them when we have FDA approval.
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Hello Bali05

Thank You very,very much for all those valuable answers! I will have that on mind. I thoutht of that, because, question number 2 is a riddle to me also. What the Doctor say? Usually, they give good answers, but sometimes answers are not understendable much. Anyway, I am doing yoga, walk almost every day, presently unenployed, but new job is on the horizon, I am doing my AST and ALT regulary, they were high, at begining of therapy. AST 185 ALT 135, now they are AST 77 ALT 75.  Still high, but better then it was.
I am taking all those supplements: Milk thisthle (Silimarin), but as homeopathy remedy, (in drops that I get from Switzerland, I am sure USA have them just the same good), and granules, (Lycopodium) . By the way, does anyone, nows something about homeopathy ways for Hep C? Do you have some back informations?

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