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My Genotype type?
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My Genotype type?

can anyone help me to classifiy my genotype type?
what information that i need to seacrh to answer my question about my genotype type?
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Your genotype will be determined by a genotyping blood test.
This will be done by the PCR method and will tell you your viral load and genotype.
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Since you're from Indonesia, you COULD have Genotype 10 A and 11A. You need to be tested to determine which one you have.

From http://www.hepatitis-central.com/hcv/genotype/explained.html


Biologists are generally not known for creativity when it comes to naming things - hence Hepatitis C virus. The most commonly used classification of Hepatitis C virus has HCV divided into the following genotypes (main types): 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10 and 11. As we've highlighted, HCV genotypes can be broken down into sub-types, some of which include:

1a, 1b, 1c
2a, 2b, 2c
3a, 3b
4a, 4b, 4c, 4d, 4e
7a, 7b
8a, 8b

Genotype patterns

It is believed that the Hepatitis C virus has evolved over a period of several thousand years. This would explain the current general global patterns of genotypes and subtypes:

1a - mostly found in North & South America; also common in Australia
1b - mostly found in Europe and Asia.
2a - is the most common genotype 2 in Japan and China.
2b - is the most common genotype 2 in the U.S. and Northern Europe.
2c - the most common genotype 2 in Western and Southern Europe.
3a - highly prevalent here in Australia (40% of cases) and South Asia.
4a - highly prevalent in Egypt
4c - highly prevalent in Central Africa
5a - highly prevalent only in South Africa
6a - restricted to Hong Kong, Macau and Vietnam
7a and 7b - common in Thailand
8a, 8b & 9a - prevalent in Vietnam
10a & 11a - found in Indonesia

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Hi, apa khabar? May I ask you where you live in Indonesia and if you are seeing a good hepatologist (Ahli Penyakit Hati) To be able to find out your genotype, you need to get a blood test for genotyping. Usually they do it the same time as the Viral Load test, but it takes longer to get the result. So maybe your doctor has already ordered it.

Unless you have contracted Hep C in the recent years, it is highly unlikely you have geno type 10/11, as they were only discovered during the last few years and are very rare.

I lived in JKT from 1978 - 1998 and actually contracted Hep C in Indonesia, genotype 3a. I have just completed 8 months of treatment and am waiting to see if I'm cured.
I will be going to Jakarta (still have my home in Pamulang) in June. I can't wait to makan siomay, ketoprak, mangga, petay etc. etc.  :-)

Best wishes. Stay on this forum, there is a lot to learn here and people are very helpful and supportive of each other. It is a God sent forum.

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i already took the RNA test and result is Positif
= 6.90 x 103 IU/ml
= 3.84 Log10
i took the test at november 2008

last night i search all information for my genotype type
some article say that indonesian people will have genotype 1b

and also like portann information, the another article shows that indonesian people will 10a and 11a

as i remember that type 1 and 4 has difficult character to cure, 2 and 3 easy to cure
what abaout 10 and 11? is it easy or hard type of desease?

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Dear K,

Info about Genotype (G) 10a and 11a is scarce. Even "the evidence for treatment in genotype 6 disease is currently sparse, and the evidence that exists is for 48 weeks of treatment at the same doses as are used for genotype 1 disease.(http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hepatitis_C)

Based on the table from the link in my first post, you're likely to have 3a, 1b, 10a or 10b. If you're starting treatment (tx) in a month, your doctor needs this information, to determine how long your tx will be. (I think one of our members from Pakistan may have started tx without being genotyped, on the assumption he was the most prevalent one in his country. I don't recommend this in your situation at all.)

Since you're very young (27), very slim (140 pounds) and may be lucky to have G-3a, you could possibly have a short, easy time of it. G-3's treat for only 24 weeks with excellent success, whereas G-1-b's treat for 48 weeks with lower success. (Tx time is often tweaked based on your response.)

There is one 26 year old male on the forum who is a G-3 and has no side effects.

On the other hand, there is another young male who had quite a few side effects but made it through tx anyway.

So it's hard to say what your experience will be like. Your chances are excellent at clearing the virus if you're a G-3.

Can you find out if you had a genotyping test and if so, what the results are?

Also, do you have any idea what medication your doctor intends to prescribe when you start in one month from now? Elsewhere you mentioned the interferon but not the ribavirin.

As for being nervous before starting tx, I was very nervous, too. Most of us feel the same. Once you start, it gets much better.

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is it possible to reduce the viral load (until test not detect again) with less than 24 injections when we have start treatment at low viral load?
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First you need to find out what genotype you actually are, before attempting to figure out the length of treatment.

It is now believed that IF you are genotype 2 or 3 and IF you have a low Viral Load (below 400.000) just before starting treatment AND if there is NO detectable virus at 4 weeks into treatment (meaning the day before or the morning BEFORE you do shot 5) that treatment may be shortened.

VL (viral load) fluctuate very much. Mine jumped from 580.000 to 2.500.000 to 1.300.00 within the time span of 5 months before starting treatment.
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my doctor only did the HCV rna tes only
i didn't know the reason why he did not do the Genotype test
he only said that indonesian people ussualy has genotype 1

what you advice for this situation? am i wait the genotype test 1st before i start the treatment or i start the treatment without know the exactly information of my genotype?
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Insist on a genotype test.  You do not want to take these drugs any longer than you have to.  If your doctor is assuming you have genotype 1, you are obligated to 48 wks of treatment.  Treatment can be difficult so why treat longer if you don't have to?   Genotype 2 & 3.... 24 wks of treatment.  Big difference.
Which treatment duration sounds better to you?  
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Quote from k03sn03:
am i wait the genotype test 1st before i start the treatment or i start the treatment without know the exactly information of my genotype?

Yes, DO get a genotype done before you start treatment... and a current viral load test would also be nice.
How else will you know how long to treat and dosage ?

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