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I am at the 6 month marker after ending tx.  I started at the end of last April and ended in October.

I posted on this list last year and found I got little help with support using herbs.  I was called a
'spammer' and I have no idea why.  I am writing because I have gone non-detected and the doc thinks
I will be SVR permanently. I did use herbs extensively.  You can view my past posts if anyone is interested in my
protocol.  I tried many things that didn't work and many that did.  

My doc said he's only had 2 relapsers, and both of them went back to IV drug use after tx. He also added that 6 months after the first 6 month test after tx, a person has a 3% chance of relapse. In the next 3 months a person has a 1% chance.  My doc is a Yale and does many clinical trials.  In a few years, he is going to conduct one on reversing cirrhosis from HCV, if the results are promising on primary testing. He also said he would write to my insurance company at the 5 year SVR mark to have the HCV taken off my file.  This is important if you ever want to change insurance companies.

One thing that I feel is important to mention is the fact that generic and proprietary Ribavirin can effect
everyone differently.  I took generic, and in the last few weeks, the nurse gave me proprietary.  In
one day I thought I would kill myself, whereas on generic, I hadn't had many issues other than fatigue.
The doc told me that anecdotally, some people react well to generic and not proprietary, and vice versa.
So if you're having trouble with one, ask for the other.

For newbies, I was 2b, (love saying 'was'), and was in the first stage cirrhosis, although I think it may
have been worse.  The samples were broken and some of my symptoms indicate a worse liver condition.
I went not-detected 4 weeks in tx.  6 month tx total.  Herbs the whole way through, and I'm still taking them
for liver repair.  Did an 'extreme' detox and brain fog gone.  All in all, not doing too bad.

Please PM me if you wish to contact me.
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Which herbs did you take during TX?
Thank you
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Congratulations to your UND!

I don't agree to herbal meds during treatment. I will not be touching any at all during treatment. I do NOT want to have any unknown drug - herbs interaction and mess up my tx. I'm glad that it worked for you, but I will definitely not take the risk.

I have been vegetarian for years and usually resort to herbs and natural ways out, so I'm not prejudiced against herbs. But no experimenting for me, not on this one.

One has to be careful and very knowledgeable to be doing it. I would not advise anyone to start messing around with herbs, without having done a whole lot of research. Actually, I would not advise anyone to do herbs on treatment.

No disrespect, but that is just my point of view on this subject.

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