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Preventive measures
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Preventive measures

I am 26 years old last week i went to donate blood where i found that my HBV is +
and doctor recomend tests LFTand HBsAg
LFT is completly with in range
HBsAg report shows "Reactive"     cutoff rate: 2.00,  Patient rate: 202.110
please tell the severity of the desease and what preventive measures i should take?
is this curable?
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Dear this is the forum of Hep C (HCV). You have mentioned that your HBV is positive , that means you may have Hepatitis B which is different from HCV. There is community with the name of Hepatitis B. you can get information from there...

However, the severity of disease or even the presence of disease cannot be ensured through HBsAg report only.. As per my knowledge, presence of hep B virus can be confirmed through PCR test and the severity of disease (if any) can be determined through ultrasound of liver & Biopsy etc.

Consult with any Liver specialist/ or Gastrologist in your town, He can guide you better in this regard and join Hep B community where you can get answers of your questions & get knowledable info also
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