Proper sterilization for hep C
by skydog007, Oct 09, 2008
Does anyone know of a reliable source which sites the proper sterilization method for Hep C?  As far as I've ever heard, the only thing that can kill the hep c virus is sterilization.  Anyone know anything?
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by HCA, Oct 09, 2008
Active Hep C viral RNA is present only in blood.It is not prsent in other human by products.saliva, semen,sweat ect.ect.
There is no need to sterilise anything such as utensils,surfaces ect.
For your information bleach kills it stone dead.You would only need to use it on say a bloody razor if you were so inclined.
by Diane12855, Jun 20, 2010
What are you planning to sterilize?
by Diane12855, Jun 20, 2010
I meant as in clothes, or non porous surfaces, or skin?
by Bill1954, Jun 20, 2010
Diane, this is an old thread from 2008 that was resurrected just a bit ago, then the poster was removed for some reason. When someone comments on an old thread that is in archives, it bumps it forward to the top.

by portann, Jun 20, 2010
Well, old thread or not, it's a good question. The answer is important for unexpected situations we find ourselves in, let's say, minor accidents around the house that lead to blood getting on common household surfaces.

Here's a recent thread that I found very helpful:


Note Mr. Liver expresses the same view about bleach that HCA does and also provides a useful link:

by portann, Jun 20, 2010
I think ML's link I mentioned above s/b:

by Diane12855, Jun 21, 2010
Good info on that link. I took a course in medical laboratory technology and we used a 10% bleach solution to clean all surfaces after doing any procedures. We didn't just spray it on the surface and leave it, we sprayed it on and then wiped it dry with paper towels, and then threw the paper towels into the bio hazard container... not the regular garbage. Better safe than sorry.