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Repeat Question About my Biopsy Results
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Repeat Question About my Biopsy Results

Still waiting on my 6 week Loads. have some q's about my biopsy numbers.
Diag reads:
Chronic Hep C with mild activity and bridging fibrosis (batts/Ludwig grade 2, stage 3)
Comment reads:
2.5 cm. core biopsies shows portal tracts with mild infl. with slight piecemeal necrosis (interface hep) involving most portal tracts. Scant lobular spotty lymphocytic infl. and occasional acidophilic bodies are noted. Mild steatosis is present. Masson trichrome demonstrates fibrous bridges. iron stains show min. iron storage.

I Am Type 1
Diagnosed 14 years ago.
What do the Grade 2, Stage 3 results mean?
On a scale of one to what?

Also, latest development of pain(sensitivity to touch) on right to right rear side. Kidney / Liver?

I am so glad to have found this site! I'm grateful for your time and experience!
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Hi- I'm not an expert on biopsy results, but this is what I know. Stage 2 grade 3 is pretty good. The grades & stages go from 1 (best- least damage) to 4 (worst- most damage). I believe there is 0 which means nothing is going one at all. From what I've read, if you are from Stage 1-2 you have more time to really consider your treatment options since this is usually a slowmoving disease- just we must always keep an eye on it w/ blood work, follow-ups w/ our liver spec, etc. If you are Stage 3-4, I've heard a doctor will more strongly encourage you to treat sooner rather than later.
  So you got good news. Of course we'd all like to be Grade 0 Stage 0 but such is life... Let's put it this way, I am awaiting news on mine and my husbands FibroSpec results (kinda a wimps version of biopsy- lol- just blood taken no big needle in the side, but not the gold standard either). If either one of us got results like yours, I would not be panic-stricken. I would be rather relieved in fact. I'm glad for you that you went through the scary part (the big needle and the waiting for results!) and are at this part now. You can look at your options and decide what's best. Good luck with everything- I'll look for your posts to see how things are going for you. -Dee
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Hepatitis stages:

Stage 1 Hepatitis -- Inflammation only (hepatitis only)
Stage 2 Hepatitis -- Some scarring (fibrosis)
Stage 3 Hepatitis -- More scarring (more fibrosis)
Stage 4 Hepatitis -- LOTS of fibrosis (cirrhosis)

Once a person gets to Stage 4/Cirrhosis, there are three grades:

Grade A -- Compensated (the liver is doing all it should despite the damage; no apparent symptoms)
Grade B -- DecompensatING (the liver is beginning to not be able to do all its functions; starting to have symptoms)
Grade C -- DecompensatED (liver failure -- the liver cannot perform its own functions; lots of symptoms)

Boils down to:
1. Stage 1 = very little fibrosis
2. Stage 2 = a little more fibrosis
3. Stage 3 = bridging fibrosis
4. Stage 4 = cirrhosis  (Grade A cirrhosis)
5. Grade B cirrhosis
6. Grade C cirrhosis (ESLD)
(Complications like Ascites appear in Grade B cirrhosis).
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