Risk of getting hep c when sharing straws?
by totally freaked, Nov 16, 2006
I recently shared a cocaine straw with someone who I believe is infected with hep c. What are the chances that it could be passed to me? Is the risk high or low? How soon can I get tested? It suddenly occured to me that it could be passed that way and now I'm completely freaked out! Would you have to be sharing numerous times to get it or just a couple? I'm greatful for any information.
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by olbaldguy, Nov 16, 2006
I don't know how soon you can test. But, If someone knows they have hepc, they have been told that is their responsibilty to let friends, family, etc know so they can be aware and educated as to the ways it is passed. If you KNOW that this person has it, I mean KNOW...well . Anyway don't be freaked. Deal with it and don't let the guilt trip creep into your life. It ain't healthy and it's damn sure detracting
by anise, Nov 16, 2006
Totally freaked - I would say the same as Beagle said, wait a few months and then  get tested.  If it is caught early enough you have a great chance to beat the hep c, that is, if you have it.

Foreseegood - I also believe I got Hep C from sharing straws.  Even shared a straw with someone who was sick with Hep A and B, and probably C.  Yep, being young and stupid.  I also never touched it after 1980.

by moveabove, Nov 16, 2006
I think the last thing you should worry about is Hep-c cocain is very addicting. It not only hurts your mind and body in ways you can't see but what if you or your friends get in a car and drive down the road high and crash into someone? what if it's a mother and her children and you kill them?  Just this summer on the L.I.E. a man high on coke and a little alcohol crashed into a car killing the driver and a 9 yr old girl. The mother who was also in the car, was walking around after the accident looking for her little girl, found her and walked over to her, picked up her head to see if she was o.k. just to realize that it was only her daughters head. Can you imagine what that guy who was just "partying" has done to so many lifes?
Hep-c is not some thing you should be worrying about right now in your life.
  This is not the 60's  70's or the 80's   everything today is more connected and theres no more room for the errors that used to go by un-noticed.  If you don't care for yourself then thing for what your actions may do to others. Dig it?
by settecasi1, Nov 16, 2006
Well let me spell it out.

Shared straws while using cocaine is a very high risk of passing the virus.
First, cocaine irritates the nasal passages into bleeding enough without there already being bloody buggers in there without cocaine usage.
Secondly, a virus infected person sticks the straw into their irritated nostril and passes "it" and the mirror to the next person whom sticks the straw into their nostril and sucks it just as hard as they can to get the cocaine and "what ever" else comes with the straw into their blood stream.
It does not have to be a lot of blood. It can be microscopic.

A cocaine needle user once stated they always used a fresh needle. What about the bath tub the drug was made up in? It was not an FDA certified lab I assure you.  

Straw, dollar bill, glass tube, anything. Even a dipping spoon is a possibility.

If it was that difficult to spread or catch we would not be here.
by sass_blue, Nov 16, 2006
I dont know for sure how hard it is to catch via straw.  There would have to be 'blood to blood' contact.  Although this is the case I have given birth to 2 kids while I have had the virus.  First one I didnt even know that I had it and breast fed and had natural birth and she didnt get it.  Second child I had an emergency C section due to haemorraging (spelling not correct I know!!) and she didnt catch it either.  From what I understand though about 6% of kids born to mums with hep c catch it.   I agree with oldbaldguy...get tested, try not to freak too much (although easier said than done).
by 52TELE, Nov 16, 2006
Whats the big deal , just ask for two straws at the drive through. duuuh.:)
by Mister beagle bailey, Nov 16, 2006
I would give it a few months and then get tested to see if you caught the virus.  I do know that sharing a cocaine straw is high on the list of getting HCV, so do get your self checked out.  Hope this helps.

by Kalio1, Nov 16, 2006
It is a blood borne virus, meaning blood to blood so not only would the person have had to somehow get blood on the straw you would also have to have a cut or sore or something in your nose. Statistically who can say what the risk is. It isn't very big. ou could get tested for peace of mind. Also make sure you have had your vaccinations for A and B. Using cocaine is dumb in my opinion, but if you choose to, use your own straw. Keep in mind this person you snorted with you KNEW had Hep C, but many if not most people with Hep C do NOT know they have it, so view everyone you snort with as potentially having these viruses.
by GoofyDad, Nov 16, 2006
Can happen, and in fact, I expect that's how I picked up my little hitch-hiking buddy. Still, I don't think it's a common vector. I'd guess you have very little to worry about. Try to relax. You can also pick up this bug at a dentist or a nail salon. That doesn't mean everyone who has gone to one of those places should freak out. And neither should you. Have a beer and clean the garage or something........