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Treatment of chronic hepatitis B
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Treatment of chronic hepatitis B

Dear sir
I am 36 y/o woman.I am suffering from chronic hepatitis B.
My test resultsare as follows:

(HBS Ag+)    (HBe Ag- ) (HBe Ab+ ) (HBV DNA+ by pcr)
SGPT 55 after 2months  190 after 3months 379
SGOT 60 after 2months  125 after3months  196

My pathology of liver biopsy:
chronic hepatitis  grade4-stage2
Grade4(A=1 ,B=0 , C=1 ,D=2 )
combined modified HAI score=6

I have been advised by my gastroentrologist to have interferon injection for almost 6 months.Due to interferon side effects ,i prefer taking another drugs like lamivudin or advefovir instead.
My question is ,whether it is advisable to take these drugs instead of interferon in my case .
I would like to have your advice at the earliest before taking any treatment.
Waiting to your early reply

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Hello neighbor,

I'm sorry to hear of a young woman facing such a medical dilemma. However, there are no doctors present here. This is strictly a patient-to-patient forum  & most of us are dealing with HCV.
I hope someone will offer some useful suggestions to you ASAP.

Best of luck to all,
Avatar m tn
old dogs never die they just feel better, i feel so great today i dont know what to think of it.after 9 weeks of sx bow wow
Avatar m tn
9 to go
87972 tn?1322664839
Sounds to me like you feel dog-gone good. Welcome back to the land of the living, Genedog. By the way, you're starting to get close, aren't you?
Avatar n tn
Dragon Slayer=
So you are overseas too.. WoW, didn't realize that... there used to be a guy on another site named Bruce from Israel... I have so missed his stories & humor! If you ever want to share pictures from over there, I'd sure like to see them...

The History of the area fascinates me, & I hate that so much has become ruins over the years, is actually kind of heart rendering!
Glad you are feeling better, & made it over that hurdle! Hang In There... Almost There!!!
Glad you made that hurdle, & are feeling better too... I was worried about you for a short time...

I know how you guys are... ya'll think ya'll have to be so tuff all the time... You, Rev, & David always kept such a positive outlook, even when ya'll were feeling so down..

I always wonder WHO instills the opinion in men that they are not allowed to cry or feel down...

I personally have more respect for the men that are honest about themselves... I have seen my better half cry a couple of times... (generally over me)... but it touches my heart in a way that I can not describe... because I know that is a big deal, & it shows that he cares so much...

Anyways... just rambling again... Wanted you to know that I did not go fishing last trip up to Alaska... but intend to attempt another trip in August (That's when the silvers are running) Rob bought a cool smoker that has an automatic hopper for the chips & stuff... so I haven't forgot about you!

P.S. KeyWest Pinks, & Gulf Shrimp have NOTHING over them Alaskan Sweet Prawns.... EMMM... Yummmm... they are like lobsters themselves... I got sick when I got home... but I think it was from Culture shock & Lack Of Fresh Seafood... LoL
:) Vicki
Avatar n tn
Ha, Ha, Ha!! Put the nose to the wind, and jump the gate my man!!!
Glad to hear your feeling better. I got 12 more, tonight will make 11. Felt pretty good myself this week, other than a little restless. Sun definately kicks my butt though! Suppose to have heat index in the 100's this weekend, so I'm hiding inside!
Avatar f tn
you really went thru a tough time there, and i think you said you had very mild sides till then.....glad ur back bayin at the moon!  If i ever get that bad i'll remember that you got thru it!
Avatar n tn
I have shed my fair share of tears my dear, believe me..

No fishing? Now I am defiantely mad at you!! But I'm very intersted in these prawns? Never seen them, but would I love to get my hands, or mouth on some!! LOL.

Lobster season is getting ready to kick off down here, and this is gonna be the first year I'm not out diving for them. I want to go, but I know I'm just asking for trouble if I do. The sun really kicks my butt. I'm planning on a night "bully netting" trip. We go out with spotlights, and scoop them up at night when they walk the flats.

So how was Alaska? I've always wanted to go there. It is supposed to be amazing! But come on, you gotta go fishing!!

Glad your doing better this round of tx, and I'm sure you'll beat it this time. 11 more shots for me, then I roll the dice and play the waiting game..
Avatar n tn
I noticed you said the sun kicks your butt. I cannot stand to be in the sun or to even go outside when it's really hot. I'll stay in with the air cond. on and not go out unless I have to. Does anyone else have a hard time with the sun and heat? Is this just another normal sx and nothing to worry about? And another thing is my craving for sweets, especially at night. I try to keep it to a minimum but have to have something sweet every night....anybody else notice this?
Avatar n tn
Yea... ME... I can't tolerate the heat... it's not a reaction so to speak like burns or hives.... it just sufficates me & I'll faint.... I turn GREEN, & feel like throwing up... YUCK so I'm staying in the airconditioning with you....LOL

Hey Snooks...
Yea.. no fishin... SUX HuH.... I was supposed to go Halibut fishing... but those things are bigger than I am, & I hear that once you hook em... there is no fight.... so it's like draggin up dead weight from hundreds of feet below...

My better half didn't think that I'd be able to handle it, or that it would be that much fun for me.... so we didn't go...

<p>Here's some previous pics of his fishing excursions</p>
<p>&nbsp;<a href="http://pleikump.us/private/Rob_Fishin.jpg">Mount McKinley In
Back Ground</a> </p>
<p><a href="http://pleikump.us/private/Fish.jpg">I forget what kind of Fish This
was</a> (RockFish..Snapper???) I think it looks Like A Morphed Gold Fish... LoL

I'll have to ask him what that was, & where exactly these photo's where taken..

I know you hate to miss lobster season... but with your reacting to the sun like that.... heck I'd sit out a season too...

I mean it's only one season, & you are a local.. When I lived down in Marathon, I used to scoop em up in a net in the evening when they would be up under the boat.. Ha!

The Prawns he gets when they go out fishing on the boat... & they throw these "Shrimp Pots" overboard on their way out & they grab em back up on the way in... the ones I ate were absolutely huge, & he split them open on the grill... they were so sweet -n- succulent with fresh drown butter dripping down your chin...

Oh Man... ever heard the southern saying... "Make You Wanna Slap Yo Momma" Ummm...Ummm now I am talking Delish!!

I just couldn't get enough seafood while I was there, & even gained 5 lbs Haa, Haa...

When he goes fly fishin though.... you have to take Guns Along as standard equipment...  BEARS, & Wild Things Out There...

That's what he wants to do when I get back... take a float plane into the high country.... which I think would be fun... but I don't know about camping, heat, & all those Dang mosquitoes...

Those things are worse in Alaska than I ever saw them in Florida..... they should be their state bird... & I'm not kidding...

as per bears... you're NOT supposed to run from them... & I think that would probably be my first reaction if one ever got after me...

when we were on our Wild Life Tundra Tour up in Denali... a Caribou was after a hiker,  & we had to open the bus doors & let him in... LoL... Guess I wouldn't be laughing if it had of happened to me..

I have lots of pics... they just aren't very good, & I need to get off my put & make a slide show or something... My Oldest gets back from the Airshow in P'cola tonight & My Youngest Daughter leaves for El Paso in the a.m. so I'll have lots of free time on my hands soon!
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