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Update with my Liver doc
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Update with my Liver doc

I saw my liver doc earlier today.
She took over for my old liver doc who retired. She isn't up-to-date on all the new treatments like my old doc was. She said there are a bunch of new ones she needs to familiarize herself with. I told her I wasn't interested in a treatment with interferon or Ribavirin.
My liver is Stage 1 for fibrosis and Grade 2. But she told me with my continued healthful lifestyle, I don't really have anything to worry about. She said my news is all good.
What does the Grade 2 mean?
I have another follow-up visit in 3 months.
That's all for now:-)

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Hi joycie:

The stage is the amount of liver damage (fibrosis) you have and the "grade or" activity" is considered the amount of  "inflammation going on .
Most labs are using the "metavir scale for ascertaining this(below)

Stage 1 is considered very mild fibrosis .

Best to you and welcome to the group...


What Does My METAVIR Score Mean?
The fibrosis is graded on a 5-point scale from 0 to 4. The activity, which is the amount of inflammation (specifically, the intensity of necro-inflammatory lesions), is graded on a 4-point scale from A0 to A3.
Fibrosis score:
F0 = no fibrosis
F1 = portal fibrosis without septa
F2 = portal fibrosis with few septa
F3 = numerous septa without cirrhosis
F4 = cirrhosis

Activity score:
A0 = no activity
A1 = mild activity
A2 = moderate activity
A3 = severe activity

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Thanks for your input. I'm still not sure what the activity level means; just that its a "2". What would I need to do to reduce the activity level from 2 to 1.
Anyway....She told me not to worry and to keep doing what I'm doing/what I'm not doing to keep my liver happy. No alcohol; Tylenol or Vitamin A.
She told me that there are a lot of new treatments in the pipeline; that it won't hurt me to wait, especially a non-interferon, non ribavirin treatment
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The Grade or Activity Level, is the amount of inflammation in your liver (specifically, the intensity of necro-inflammatory lesions).
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