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Waking up with a hangover :(
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Waking up with a hangover :(

I wake up with a hangover every morning.Is this coz of medicine or something other Probs(i'm recovering addict,clean since past 2 yrs) ?
Also,i get tired very soon,with a constant pain in my legs muscles and joints.I get irritated very soon and usually bash someone in my dreams.My mouth is dry most of the time,losing
weight and appetite.Stopped going to Gym since the start of interferon and riba treatment,which is into 4th week now.In short,life is HELL.Plz suggest how can i cope with this ?
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Is your doctor watching your blood work closely? You're at a stage when things got the worst for me and I can say that they are easier now... week 22.

They call your irritation Riba Rage... though some on here get upset when we call it that because they say the interferon is what causes it. I don't care what causes it... it does make us say hurtful things if we aren't really careful.

Hope things get easier for you.
What your describing is not unusual.  Take some tylenol, drink some water, stay away from people and go back to bed.
As long as you stick to bashing people only in your dreams, then that's going good.

FlGuy's advice to stay away from people is some of the best advice I got here.

It averts a lot of trouble, just staying clear of all those folks you love who can bug the h-ell out of you when you're on the meds.

Make yourself a 'Keep Out' sign and hang it on your bedroom door whenever you feel mean.

And then when you're done tx, there'll be way fewer fences to mend.

Feeling zonked is the most common side effect of tx, even for those who get relatively fewer sides.  After a while, you forget what feeling energetic was. In most cases, it all eventually rebounds post-tx.

Tyleno was a miracle drug for my aches and pains but my doc said to never take more than 2000 mg per 24 hours.

Lots to do about the dry mouth and it's a smart idea to do something about it because one thing leads to another and then your mouth health can quickly go downhill without the saliva it needs to stay in good shape.

I sipped water continually, basically providing moisture with that.

I also used Biotene products because they have no alcohol (which is drying). It's an OTC and there may be others in their category. It's expensive but if you're frugal with it, it can last quite a while. The trick is to swish for a minute or two, even if you use just a little. (Now, post-tx, I find Biotene doesn't pack enough punch for a moutwash but during tx, it was great.)

Here's a great link for managing side effects:


For example, here's what it says about mouth stuff:

"Oral Hygiene (nose, mouth and throat):
This is a doozy of a combination side to get.  The interferon dehydrates you and also slows wound healing.  When your mouth is very dry, the combination of the dryness and bacteria can run amok and cause all kinds of dental problems including periodontal disease, receding gums, mouth sores, bad breath, gingivitis, cracked molars and loose fillings.  Be careful with what you eat so that you don't injure your gums.  Stay away from sharp or crunchy foods that can tear your delicate skin.  Gargling with very warm strong salt water, Goldenseal or Chamomile tea may be a beneficial aid in mouth wound healing.  Don't forget to spit!

Homeopathic: There are many natural products at the market these days, I use "Eco Dent Ultimate Essential Mouth Care-Natural daily rinse & oral wound cleaner", it is available at Whole Foods or Fresh Fields.  Here is a list of the ingredients: Fortified with Echinacea, Goldenseal and CoQ-10, baking soda, Menthol, Peppermint oil, Castor bean oil, Tea tree oil, oils of orange, lemon, sweet fennel, Anise, Geranium, bergamot, Fougere, lavender, rosemary, basil and rose.  

Oxygene is also a very good antibacterial rinse http://www.essenceofthings.com/OxyfreshOralHealthCare.htm.

Over the counter: Another good product is called Biotene.  It helps provide mouth moisture they make a rinse, toothpaste and sugarless gum.  If your local pharmacy does not carry it, call them and ask them to order it.  No prescription is necessary.

Prescription:  I ran the gamut on the dry mouth deal, was really bothering me, disrupting my quality of life.  Did not realize how much I missed spit.   I had my dentist prescribe Salagen.  Here is a link to the press release on it: http://www.pslgroup.com/dg/5b68e.htm .  Out of all the pills I take, I really like this one, my mouth fills with spit within 15 minutes. of taking it-and it is such a tiny pill, no bigger than a tic-tac.   Drs. Hoofnagle and Ghany at NIH OK'd it for me, so I'm pretty sure it's ok for us.  

Reasons to take Salagen by Freyja:
1) Itz weally hald ta twalk wiff yer tongue sduck tew da roove of yer
2) Really helps with the dry throat and sore throat sides!
3) It makes consuming food sources much more pleasant.
4) Your breath is less stinky with more spit in your mouth.
5) Makes you feel much more normal. You really won't know how much you
miss spit until you get it back.

We actually didn't remember how to deal with normal saliva flow. Be careful not to start taking Salagen right before you have to make an important presentation, or be in a situation in which drooling is not socially acceptable. I guess you could get away with it if you said "You can see how excited *drool* I am about this project!" Good places to go when you first regain your saliva include a good restaurant, a playboy or Chippendale type place, whatever, your preference might be. ;-) Truthfully, Salagen is wonderful stuff and doesn’t make you drool all over yourself.

I also had my dentist prescribe an ultraflouridated toothpaste to use for the next year to keep the bacteria at bay: Colgate PreviDent (Rx-by prescription)-1.1percent Sodium Fluoride gel.  They also have a rinse.  I alternate it with the Biotene toothpaste.

Dental work- Either do it before starting combo or wait until you are done.  Your mouth wounds will take 3 times longer to heal.  Freyja had four non-emergency root canals within 24 hours; her gums never healed properly after the hours of rubber dam clamp torture. If you must get root canals, get one at a time. And see if they can perform it in several visits with minimal use of rubber dams.   If you do get a cleaning, tell the dental hygienist to be very careful not to create any gum injury.   Brush and floss carefully and frequently.

These tasks can be daunting if sides are bad, but persevere and you may avoid having to deal with more severe problems."

Thx for the Advise Frenz
Yes,i do send him my CBC report before every shot.Received my HCV report after 4th shot and it says"target not detected".Hgb is 13.5 and Platelets count is 195.Guess i'm doing fine.Going for my 5th shot of interferon 2marrow :)

Thx for ur advise
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