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What is ANC?
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What is ANC?

I read about everyone talking about ANC, when I look at my labs I don't see them. My recent 6 week labs are.
WBC 1.5 L
RBC  3.48 L
Hemoglobin  3.48 L
Hematocrit  31.9 L
Neutrophils  33.8 L
Lymphocytes  57.6 H
Abs Neutrophils  0.5 L  what does the Abs mean as opposed to the one above?
Abs Lymphocytes 0.9 L "    "
Alt 35 H
AST 32 H
TSH 11.07 H
Hep C RNA, bDNA <615 undetectable for this low sensitivity test, next time will use a <5 test I wish they did this time but happy to be UND at week 4.
I have received 2 shots of procrit and 2 of Neupogen to help w/WBC and RBC I believe. My NP wants to keep me at 1000 Riba until week 12 before changing any meds and I agree. I am getting winded on stairs, tired at work and exhausted at night. My itchy rash and mouth sores make me feel like a Leper. My body feels uninhabitable and no longer able to sustain life as I know it but I want to kill this beast.
Any comments on my labs or what the heck ANC is would be appreciated.
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On Bill's web address it states the following.Thanks Bill, I'm learning everyday.ANC Calculator

ANC equals the Total WBC count multiplied by the total percentage of neutrophils (segs plus bands).

Example 1:
WBC = 4.3 Segs = 48% Bands = 2%
4300 x (0.48 + 0.02) = 4300 x 0.5 = ANC of 2,150
Enter: 4.3 (WBC) 48 (Segs %) 2 (Bands %)

Example 2:
WBC = 4.3 Neutrophils = 50%
4300 x 0.5 = ANC of 2,150
Enter: 4.3 (WBC) 50 (Neutrophils %)

Enter values and press the "Calculate" button.    (e.g. Enter 4300 as 4.3)
WBC count (x10³/mm³):   Segs (%):   Bands (%):    
WBC count (x10³/mm³):   Neutrophils (%):    

ANC Value:   .    

References for “Calculating an Absolute Neutrophil Count (ANC)”
1.  CBC Interpretation. The Doctors' Medical Library. Available at http://www.medical-library.net/sites/_cbc_interpretation.html. Accessed June 15, 2005.  

2. Neutropenia. Cancer Consultants.com.  Available at http://patient.cancerconsultants.com/myelodysplastic_cancer_treatment.aspx?id=993. Accessed June 15, 2005.  

3. White blood cell count – complete blood count. RnCeus.com. Available at http://www.rnceus.com/cbc/cbcwbc.html. Accessed June 15, 2005.  

4. White blood cell count and differential. CHC Medical Library & Patient Education. Available at http://www.chclibrary.org/micromed/00070900.html. Accessed June 14, 2005.
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Thank you so much for doing the math for me. I had no idea. The doc never mentioned it.
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Your ANC is listed in your results as Abs Neutrophils.   ANC is Absolute Neutrophil Count.  It indicates your ANC is .5.   That's really getting down there.  Not surprised you are on Neupogen.  As has been said before, docs will allow it to go lower before intervention with "growth" drugs but not all and that's getting down there.

I don't understand your Hemoglobin figure, that can't be right .. is it?  Can you please check that and post again?  That number is kinda concerning!

That's what is looked at to determine if you're in need of intervention with procrit.    This is the component of the red blood cell that carries oxygen to the lungs and other parts of the body and those two are the most commonly watched on treatment, ANC and hgb - hemoglobin.

Here's an explanation of a CBC - Complete Blood Count - and it's parts:



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Your right I wrote my hemoglobin down wrong. I apparently wrote my RBC twice. It is really at 10.4 the last lab on June 27th. The previous lab at 4 weeks was 11.3 and my NP said she would start Procrit at 11. I felt she should have started me then because I read that it takes a few weeks to kick in. What do you mean about "growth" drugs? Is that something different than the Procrit and Neupogen shots that I had? I see her again this Tues. to check and my labs again. I feel nauseated and light headed today with unfortunately a 2 day case of the trots. I'm guessing thats from the meds also? I was thinking how do you know if you get sick on this medication or if its just another side? I have a sore throat and it hurts to swallow or chew. My doc said I had lesions in my throat from the meds but people at work seem to have the same thing and I am immunosuppressed now? I did get the Magic Mouthwash and it seems to help for a short period. I always write such long posts sorry about that. Thank you so much for getting back to me. How are you doing? You never seem to complain and thats all I do.
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