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What questions to ask new doctor
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What questions to ask new doctor

to make sure he is qualified?  I am on an Army base so I don't get to pick, although if I find he is not qualified I will DEMAND a new doctor.  Thanks!
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I also want to know how to tell if he's up to date on the new tx.  Anything I should ask about when the blood should be checked or anything like that?  I have also read that a thyroid test may be necessary?
Are you talking about looking for a doctor to treat your hep C?
Or are you talking about a doctor to check you son's blood?

If it's about you, I've been composing a list of questions for new patients.

I've gotten this far:

It is always preferable to have a hepatologist, a liver specialist and not simply a GI to help you with treatment. A GP is not trained in liver issues and should be the one to refer you to the specialist.

Questions for the doctor:
How experienced are you in dealing with Hep C ?
Do I need a biopsy before treatment?
How often will I be doing labs during treatment?
What is your protocol for dealing with low wbc or rbc?
What about other side effects?
How often will I be seeing you during treatment?
For treatment.  Thank you
1. How long have you been treating patients with the new triple therapy (Incivek or Victrelis)?

2. What success are you seeing with the new triple therapy?

3. Would he/she recommend triple therapy for you? Why or why not?

4. What is the soonest you can start treatment?

5. Regarding the baseline eye exam, when can you get it and where?

6. Is an EKG required? If yes, when can you get it and where?

7. Is an Incivek or Victrelis orientation class required? If yes, when can you get it and where?

8. If he/she recommends Incivek for you, why? If he/she recommends Victrelis for you, why?

9. How will you receive your triple therapy meds? Mail order? Post pharmacy? VA pharmacy?

10. You've read horror stories on an HCV forum about people not getting their refill meds in time and they have a break in treatment which impacts success. Has that happened to any of his/her patients?

11. You've read that some side effects of treatment can occur very suddenly and require expeditious medical attention. If that happens, how quickly can he/she respond with an intervention?

12. If a transfusion is required, where would you receive it?

13. Does he/she support Procrit/Epogen intervention for low hemoglobin? If yes, generally speaking, what is his/her threshold for intervention? 10.5 hgb?

14. You can't afford to vomit the meds. Will he proactively address the likely nausea? What is his preference for controlling the nausea? Zofran/Odansetron?

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