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What should you eat with HepC and Liver Damage?
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What should you eat with HepC and Liver Damage?

I found this article on Nutrition with HepC and Liver damage Foods to eat and foods to avoid.

My Question is to everyone what do you feel like the best foods for you are,and What do you eat? I'm so tired of trying to figure out what I am going to eat everyday..Please give me Your Suggestions!! Country girl has got to eat before I starve my self...

Tips to Avoid Liver Damage From Hepatitis
You need a healthy liver to convert food into energy. To avoid liver damage from hepatitis, start with a well-balanced diet.
By Dennis Thompson Jr.
Medically reviewed by Pat F. Bass III, MD, MPH

People with hepatitis need to follow a healthy lifestyle to minimize damage to the liver. Start protecting your liver by paying more attention to nutrition.

"There's no special diet for hepatitis," says Keri Gans, RD, a registered dietitian in New York City and spokesperson for the American Dietetic Association. "A person with hepatitis just needs to follow a healthy, well-balanced diet."

That diet should include:

    Plenty of fruits and vegetables
    Whole grains such as oats, brown rice, barley, and quinoa
    Lean protein such as fish, skinless chicken, egg whites, and beans
    Low-fat or non-fat dairy products
    Healthy fats like those in nuts, avocados, and olive oil

"That's what you want to eat, a varied diet including those components," Gans says. "I tell my clients to picture a dinner plate. One-quarter of the plate should contain high-fiber carbohydrates like whole grains, one-quarter should contain lean protein sources, and the remaining half should contain fruits and vegetables."

To help your body better process food and function at its best, you also need to make sure you drink plenty of fluids. Water is better than caffeinated drinks like coffee and cola. Aim to drink 1 ounce of liquid for every 2 pounds of body weight each day; that means if you weigh 180 pounds, you should drink 90 ounces of water, or about 11 8-ounce glasses.

What Not to Eat or Drink

Keep in mind that an unhealthy diet can contribute to liver damage. If you eat too much high-calorie greasy, fatty, or sugary food, you'll gain weight and fat will begin to build up in your liver. A "fatty liver" can contribute to developing cirrhosis, or scarring, of the liver. Fat in your liver can also interfere with the effectiveness of drugs that target the hepatitis virus.

Avoid the following:

    Saturated fats found in butter, sour cream, and other high-fat dairy foods, fatty cuts of meat, and fried foods
    Sugary treats like cookies, cake, soda, and packaged baked goods
    Foods heavily laced with salt

Many experts recommend that hepatitis patients also avoid raw or undercooked shellfish, which can harbor viruses and bacteria. You may consider limiting your consumption of processed foods as well, since they can contain chemical additives and high levels of salt.

Other Precautions

Because your liver is battling the hepatitis virus, take special precautions to protect against any disease that would increase the chances of liver damage. Wash all meats, fruits, and vegetables to remove any potentially harmful residues, and wash your hands thoroughly before and after handling food to prevent cross-contamination.

Supplements for Hepatitis

People with hepatitis should talk to their doctors about taking a multivitamin once a day, says Christine Gerbstadt, MD, RD, a doctor and a registered dietitian in Sarasota, Fla., as well as a spokesperson for the American Dietetic Association. B vitamins in particular can help spur healing.

"You really want to make sure your body has everything it needs," Dr. Gerbstadt says.

However, you also need to make sure that you don't take in too much of certain vitamins and minerals through the use of supplements, since some can cause liver damage. Be cautious of:

    Vitamin A
    Vitamin B3 (niacin)
    Vitamin C
    Vitamin D

Hepatitis patients looking for herbal remedies may consider milk thistle, available in capsules and other forms. Milk thistle may have some restorative properties, suggests Gans. Some studies have found that milk thistle can improve liver function in hepatitis and cirrhosis patients. However, you should always consult with your doctor before trying any supplement or herb, especially if you have hepatitis.

Thanks and by the way I'm still doing good with my tx.Start week 9 of 12 tomorrow..

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In the future, please include links with your article.
The only fault I find in the above is the one about vitamin D. It's true you don't want too much but many of us don't have enough and it's recommended.

You can eat a lot of food with hep C and liver disease. Think fresh non-processed food.
Eggs are great, salads, all kinds of veggies and fruit. I'm big on stir-frys. Cook up a bunch of rice and stir fry a lot of veggies, with just a small amount of chicken. Use the leftover rice to make stirfried rice. Again, a bunch of chopped up veggies, toss in the rice and stir in an egg.
Oatmeal is great with fresh fruit for breakfast. I eat omelets with lots of garlic and a salad on the side.
Instead of a processed snack, grab an apple or eat some carrots.
Smoothies are good. You can toss all kinds of fruit into that blender or juicer.
I love ginger root. It's good for nausea and use it in all of the above.

Good luck and bon appetite.
  I bought a called  "eat to beat diabetes", and I also bought the Mayo Clinics "The hepatitis c cookbook",  they both are great sources for things to eat with hepatitis c , and even though the first book says diabetes, the same rules apply for Hepatitis C,  and I agree with the hawk, most of us on running low on vitamin D, other then that good Info.
I dont like Eggs!! I have been eating Chicken every way you can imagine,fresh and frozen veggies and fruit and some Fish.I am sick of those,what else is there.Come on I know everyone out there is eating,but WHAT?
I do cheat..Who doesn't like a good T-Bone,Bake Potato and Salad!! then I'm up with heartburn..Thanks OH and TE for your info.

Hi, I start the 3 meds soon with lots of fat. Im worried i wont eat. When i had
lymphoma and chemo i was 89 lbs. I sure hope i can eat. I will eat that 28grams of fat for sure and water. That is my main concern. GB
Milk thistle may have some restorative properties, suggests Gans. Some studies have found that milk thistle can improve liver function in hepatitis and cirrhosis patients.
There have been many articles published that have thrown this belief out the window.  Of course, as luck would have it I still have a couple of bottles left so I will finish them. lol  I once heard if you have liver disease you are supposed to stay away from fried foods such as french fries and tacos, stuff that is deep fat fried.  I don't know if it's true, anyone else ever hear that?
      Newbie here,greetings to all the  dragons slayers and their  supporters.I concur with you on milk thistle,all studies I've read showed that milk thistle does nothing for the liver or liver maintenance on the other hand it does not damage the liver either.On the positive side  let's not rule out placebo effect.

    My apologies for not providing links that make these claims.



I don't eat Tbones anymore. Beef sits in my stomach like a rock.

Okay you're tired of fish and chicken. Do you like tofu ?
What condition is your liver in anyway ?
If you aren't cirrhotic, there's no reason not to eat pork or beef, for that matter.

The reason they tell people with cirrhosis not to eat beef is because it contribute to a condition called encephalopathy, which can cause delirium. It's serious and not to be fooled with.

How about sweet potatoes or yams, baked with lots of ginger ? Or pork with pineapple ?
Salads are always good, green or fruit. And fresh is healthier than frozen.

When I get tired of the same old thing, I go to the spice store and jazz things up with different spices.

I do have Cirrhosis and stage 5 fibrosis(scarring bad)
I have stopped all fried foods completely.I read all Labels now and mostly everything has to much Sodium.I stopped with the Salting my foods awhile back.I had Bake Chicken,Fresh Black eyed peas and bake potato last night.I use the smart balance butter on my food and Nu Salt..I am writing all the foods down that everyone offers to me ,so I can have some what of a choice here.
I feel dumb asking this but what is tofu? You got to think I'm Southern Country Cooking kind of Gal so thats what I grew up on,Beans, cornbread Mash Potatoes and Fried Everything..How about some Bisquits and Gravy LOL
What kind of breads other than WHEAT, ewwwie! What about Sandwiches? Spices? I change pure Sugar in my half cup Coffee per day to Splenda.I like to have a fresh baked Cake and Pies around.What about Ice Cream at night,my favorite and I still eat it too.

Sorry I'm such a bother,but I'm starving trying to eat right!

you are not a bother..we are all here to help each other..you have legitimate concerns....take care
Okay, telling me about the cirrhosis explains your problem. I can empathize entirely, except for the part of being from  the South:)

You HAVE to not eat beef, no red meat. I'm sorry but you don't want to damage your brain. Encephalopathy is serious.
Are you seeing a hepatologist at a transplant center? If not you should be.

When I was diagnosed with hep C I already had ascites, a swollen belly, from decompensated cirrhosis. After taking diuretics, I was able to keep it from reoccurring by eating a practically no salt diet. You're right, it's hard and not a lot of fun but it sure beat the alternative.

You do need to eat a diet with plenty of protein. Beans are great, just leave out the salt and grease. Get creative with herbs. In time you do get used to it
The hardest thing is bread. I found a bread in the health food stores that didn't have salt but wasn't very good. That's the truth. I ate it anyway.
Start eating rice. Make it yourself. Get a rice cooker, that makes it easy.
I used to eat a wild rice salad with cranberries that was wonderful.

Tofu is made from soy beans. Its bland but a good protein source and like egg whites can help your albumin levels, which can be low with cirrhosis.I ate it in stirfrys. Since I'm not crazy about it, you'd need to do an online search for recipes.

You don't like eggs, but how about tossing the whites in the blender with fruit for a smoothie ?

Flax seed meal is a good additive to cereals,like oatmeal or in smoothies for protein and to keep weight up. It also is a great substitute for butter in cornbread.

Eat salads, steamed veggies with a little vinegar sprinkled over them. Chop up fresh herbs to add to your veggies, salads and meals for flavor.

When I had cirrhosis, we bought a juicer. Since I read that beets were good for your liver, I'd juice them. And I love carrot juice too. You can make all kinds of smoothies out of fruit. You can add ginger too. In fact you can juice whole ginger root and keep the liquid in the fridge to add to drinks or while cooking.
Coconut milk is another thing you can cook with or add to drinks to add more flavor. Look at recipes for Thai soups. Again, because of avoiding sodium, you can't use soy sauce or fish sauces.

I'd dice beets and cook them. Then slice ginger root into thin slivers, drizzle a little olive oil on them and keep in the fridge as a salad, to eat whenever.

I bought stevia as a sugar substitute. It's made from a leaf of a plant from So. America.

Your liver is a filter. Any additive, pesticides, herbicides, etc, are filtered through your liver. This is why organic is best, especially when you have liver disease.

This isn't about what you like or don't like. This is about survival. I am only here typing this today because I had a liver transplant in April 2009.
Hep C caused cirrhosis which  destroyed my liver.
Do you want to live or not ?
If you do, then take care of your liver.
I'm post transplant and now I can and do eat anything I please. It's wonderful.

I'm going to look for a link for more information about eating right with cirrhosis.
Good luck.

Because you have cirrhosis, I suggest you try posting your diet question on the cirrhosis forum. It's not as active as this one but people there might be better able to help you.

thank you OH!
I do want to live and take care of my liver. I have changed my diet tremendously for my liver..I am glad that you are taking your time with me and I appreciate it alot..I'm just going to have to buy me the Hep C Cookbook,so I can get it all right.I would not have started this thread if I didn't care about my Liver.I am writing down everything you say I can eat,now finding some of it is different story.I will promise you I will do my BEST to eat healthy.I'm sure I am not the only one that needs this advice.Hope that it helps others too.

I am seeing a Hepatologist at a TP Center and I have 3 more weeks of tx left..

Sounds like the doctor quoted in the start of this thread just threw in the whole kitchen sink to look intelligent. I hate author's like that that fill so much space, not with much scientific backup.

I don't know if anyone remembers what HR said.  (see in middle where he says:
"Many small meals each with fiber embedded slow resorption carbs+30% lean protein+ only healthy fats/oils ") Sounds like beans and lentils are the way to go for your carbs.


TMG has been used in very large doses in trials and found to be extremely safe. It is correct, that somebody, that already takes a large dose of SAMe, has less of a need for a methyldonor ( thats what TMG is, for numerous synthetic reactions in the liver).

I metioned TMg before SAme, because it is much cheaper than SAMe and wil produce SAMe naturally in your liver - but maybe not in the high dose range as you take your SAMe. Also needs some folic aid, B12 and B6 to achieve this.
There is no problem in adding the TMG to the SAMe, like in 2x500mg doses, it might still add to the liver protective effects.
It is very important to understand, that these are not stand alone measures. They focus on certain aspects ( like TMG for Methyl groups requiring reactions), but it is difficult to estimate the relative benefits that they will have.

Therefore always this is the hirarchy ( organized by priority) of the approach:

Eating patterns - liver metabolic stress reduction. Many small meals each with fiber embedded slow resorption carbs+30% lean protein+ only healthy fats/oils

Intrestinal health- eubiosis - Glutamine(integrity of intestinal epithelium),prebiotic ( Inulin, Lactulose), Probiotic ( Lactobacillus GG)

Supplements - :
Supporting specific aspects of liver metabolic burden - like TMg, SAMe

Thiol containing compounds: NAC (always with equal mg Vit C),, ALA, Taurine : Build fundamental hepatic/bodywide Glutathione reserve, protect from ox stress toxicities ( like Tylenol)
They also help to block the ox stress dependent stellate cell(fibrogenesis) activation pathways.
Many more functions of course not mentioned here.

PPC: membrane fluidity and functionality

Inhibiting the activation of stellate cells into fiber producing myofibroblasts:

Resveratrol: inhibits with high efficacy  Tumor Growth factor beta - the key player in the activation of fibrogenesis in the liver ( is key activator of improper "wound healing", scar formation (fostering the production of collagen fibvers from transformed stallate cells) inside a parenchymal organ- the liver)

Curcumin : Most effective in blocking the activation of NFKappaB, a nuclear activator of proinflammatory gene expression and also extremely involved in the formation of fiber forming cells in the liver from stellate cells)

Green tea extracts : Same as Curcumin, with less NFKB deactivating capacity, but likely other
complex antiinflammatory benefits.

Overall several key pathways leading to activation of fibrosis will be blocked/reduced in their activity, which will build to a synergistic effect over time. Each of these individual  measures has decent research backup, while all are considered GRAS, but no direct comparison has ever been made so it is hard to estimate the relative contribution.
Also, and I know I there is no actual scientific URL connected with my info below, but BCAAs are used to avoid muscle breakdown in people with bad livers because the 3 BCAAs bypass the liver and go directly to muscle protein synthesis.


Is bcaa good for liver?
The oral administration of BCAAs was found to improve health condition in patients with liver cirrhosis. According to the 2007 study by Japanese scientists, branched-chain amino acids improve hypoalbuminemia in patients with cirrhosis. Seven cirrhotic patients with hepatitis were given 4 grams of BCAA after each meal for eight weeks. After 8 weeks, the oxidized / reduced state of serum albumin (which is very high in cirrhotic patients) improved significantly, which suggests that BCAA is good for the liver and can be used as a part of cirrhosis healing program

I buy my BCAAs by the kilo for $34 plus freight.
I'm glad scratchinghead posted because I re-read your original post.

I never stopped eating dairy other than cheese because of the salt content and it's hard to digest. I ate lots of yogurt. You probably should also be taking calcium and vitamin D.

If you're looking for a cookbook, look for one specifically for cirrhotics. What ever the cause of the cirrhosis, the effects are the same.

Many small meals are suggested for people with cirrhosis because you simply aren't getting the nutrition out of your food that you should.
Thanks for all of the tips I just bought Milk Thistle and start eating healthy what about spinach & Kale us these greens okay to eat. I like to put them in my green shake?
Skip the Milk Thistle. Last big mass of info I read is that it does nothing for Hep C .
I believe this was presented a recent worldwide conference about a year ago. Correct me if I'm wrong. Eat your Kale, young man. Wonder food in salads and (bleah) smoothies!
I didn't have an appetite, but took the invicek with 1 tbl of olive oil, it is tough, but 20 gr to 1 tbl, leaves just 8 more, maybe just a "heavy" tablespoon.  What appetite?  Yogurt, jello,, everything else had to just nibble on.  Lost 25%, MD states it will come back.
Hang in there, I did it, and had trouble swallowing it, but leaned not to resist to spit it out.

Hello, you don't know how happy I am to have found this website. I already feel at home. I was diagnosed with the virus 15 years ago. During those years I must have been in denial because I continued to engage in casual drinking and eventalually put on 200 lbs. Obviously this was wreckless and stupid behavior. In June of this year I was diagnosed with a low white blood cell condition that my doctor said is linked to the virus. I got scared and very serious about my situation. I stopped the cold beers after work and started eating healthier. I lost 25 lbs and I'm still losing because my liver sends a very uncomfotable message to my gall bladder and spleen. I immediately drop it from my menu. I also became aware of Dr. Robert Lusting, the author of Sugar Has 56 Names. He also has videos on YouTube. Please, this is not a shameless plug. I've learned a lot about things that can exascerbate and excelerate further damage to my liver. Yes my virtual doctor has given me hope. I only hope that what I have learner will slow the damage down.

I also find it challenging to come up with satisfying meals. However, when I get bored I keep in mind that this is life and death. My desire to live helps me to deal with those things I can no longer have. You see it's life and the love of my family that taste savory and sweet.
Hi. my fiance was diagnosed In may with hep c and liver failure. they say he needs a liver tranplant. my ? Is- has anyone had problems with their amonia (ammonia) levels building up causing SEVERE confusion and disorientation. he has been hospitalized seven times in four months. its so heartbreaking to see him like that. also i heard tumeric is goodfor boosting the liver function. in process of checking this out. also does too much protein adversely affect the liver function? btw countrygirl how r u now? i noticed the post was in 2012...its a year later how is everybody else doing as well? any improvements.
I want to welcome all the newcomers who have jumped onto this thread, but I also want to warn you that tacking your question on to the end of an older thread is not the best approach here. Many of the regulars here have their forum preference set to show the most recent threads first, so the older the thread (as dated by the original question at the top), the farther down the list it will be, and since we all have limits to our time those farther down the list are often not read. It's far better to use the orange "Post a Question" button at the top of the page. Your question will come out on top and will be seen by all, and you will get many more answers and welcomes!

To Gilsgirl, your question is fine in this forum but would could also go in the "Cirrhosis of the Liver" forum. Lots of people there are very familiar with the ammonia problem. I hope he is now on lactulose to control the hepatic encephalopathy, is seeing good hepatologists at a liver transplant hospital, and has been given nutritional counseling. Yes, turmeric is good for the liver, but no medicines or supplements should be taken by a cirrhotic without first running it past his hepatologist. His diet should be low sodium and very low in red meat, but I believe vegetable proteins are fine. He must completely avoid all alcohol, as a cirrhotic liver is a very fragile liver. His hepatologist should be able to clarify dietary restrictions or may have a nutritionist give him advice. Other forum members will also add good advice if you post as a new question.
I want to welcome all the newcomers who have jumped onto this thread, but I also want to warn you that tacking your question on to the end of an older thread is not the best approach here. Many of the regulars here have their forum preference set to show the most recent threads first, so the older the thread (as dated by the original question at the top), the farther down the list it will be, and since we all have limits to our time those farther down the list are often not read. It's far better to use the orange "Post a Question" button at the top of the page. Your question will come out on top and will be seen by all, and you will get many more answers and better advice.
Tempster here, First time here, first time or better said my first step in trying to be healthy and taking my geo c condition more serious then i have, i'm at a stage in my life that I finally got tired of being tired, know what I mean, so change was n is needed, i'm ,37,latino, ex gang member, that like others have it but don't know anything about geo, n the lifestyle we live usually ends with violence rather then illness, unless like me I get tired, I convinced myself that i'm not to old to change and I may still be someone I should of been, content, work house etc. but living enjoying a movie a drive, without fear or violence, and so my use of heroin is my biggest problem left after deciding to change my lifestyle, i'm working on that now but someone like me, my past my look is very much my down fall people just see me n my tattoos, etc my chances for help are gone, so i'm trying it here you guys talk to each so respectfully n listen maybe never knowing one another, so maybe I too can ask for any help tips to use so can cope deal with my hep c eat healthy while working on my up coming changes that I hope take me or put me in a place I never been, in a normal (to me normal means work school, TV friends, no fights, guns, prison,)state of living beOooing n thinking happiness to me would be just that, n I got to enjoy it healthy people seem to do it best so here i'm asking to please lead me in some direction thanks, sorry for rambling,
Welcome to the Hepatitis C forum! I believe you can find a lot of support here, but you probably will need to start a new thread to get very much attention. Many members just don't notice new posts when they are added to the end of something that is a year old or older. To start a new one you just have to go to the top of the page and click the orange button that says "Post a Question". You can just copy and paste what you wrote above into a new post, and MANY more people will see it - though you might want to correct the typos that say "geo", which I'm guessing are supposed to say "hep", just to reduce any confusion.

This forum is pretty welcoming to people from any sort of background and with any sort of beliefs, and we have members from a huge range if different lifestyles. The only requirements seem to be dealing with Hepatitis C (or helping a loved one with it) and keeping a civil tongue, though trying to be kind to each other is also strongly encouraged here. In addition to provide emotional support, this forum is a great place to learn about the disease and how best to regain your own health.

I applaud you for trying to deal with your problems! Overcoming the addiction is a truly huge step, and I hope you are getting plenty of support for that elsewhere. I know there is another medhelp forum for addictions, and I encourage you to check that out too. When you write again tell us more about your Hepatitis C, whatever you know so far about it, such as genotype, your liver biopsy results, your blood test results, what kind of doctor you are seeing, and whether you've tried treating it yet or are hoping to treat it soon. Lastly, I recommend reading up on this virus at another website, http://hcvadvocate.org. We have all the info here, but it can be hard to find since the site is designed more as a question and answer support forum, whereas they just have the straight info, especially well laid-out for learning the basics quickly. Good luck!
wow just found out that i had hep c im starveing can i have pizza i know last night i had fried chicken and like to died cant have that so what can i have
Great topic and ditto to most of your suggestions. For me personally I can't eat oatmeal or I throw it up. I can't eat chicken but rarely or the high protein will cause sick liver symptoms. I can and do eat beef after being a vegetarian all my life. I have to have it at least once a week. It helps me feel better. I limit bread altogether. It contains too much salt. No salt for me.
Salt does damage on my stomach and makes my liver sicker.
I can eat a pastry now and then but not when I'm feeling symptoms. I have to have my fruit. In ICU a liver doc told me to consume lots of vitamin C. It worked well for my anemia. When sick or dizzy a glass of blueberry/pomegranate juice helps. We are all different.
I have to be careful with watermelon or I throw it up. I have to be feeling pretty good to keep it down. It seems each person has to find what works for them using these guidelines. VARIETY is my saving grace. Diet is of utter importance to self care. Coconut milk-my liver loves it.
Kale is excellent even though I can't stand it. It's very good for the liver and has Vitamin k as well as 'stopping replication' properties. You can look up all the foods that help stop virus replication. I printed the list out long ago. Another is blueberries.  From a combo of all my transfusions and eating foods that stop replication I went from 15MM VL down to 6.1MM VL just from diet.
Now the S/O has killed the 6.1MM VL. Yeah.
Yes me. I get pretty bad from too much protein. 4 oz max per day and every other day for me. Depends how I'm feeling at the time. Yes too much protein can send me to ER. Bummer. Ammonia levels can be controlled from diet. I have to watch it or the Ammonia build-up will send me to ER. They can even cause fever and chills. Severe confusion and weakness is a sign that a trip to ER may be needed.
It's never too late to start over but you have to want it bad. All it takes is one step at a time and one day at a time. Wear clothes that cover your tats and keep dreaming of the life you want to live away from the street life. Dreams do come true. If you do well and school yourself to change then in 10 years you will be a completely different person instead of being a 47 year old loser still. The journey starts with the first step.
If your liver is healthy, you can eat anything ! Just don't drink alcohol.
If you have cirrhosis, then you should indeed go on a special diet.

Hep C itself is not a problem. The damage it can cause our livers, is THE problem.
I recently discovered a Kale salad at my grocery store, delicious!  I don't even notice it is Kale.  They add everything a salad should have and  a lot of sunflower seeds and walnuts, yum!
has no one heard the warnings about how arsenic is very high in rice now. Sorry have no websites to show about it ,just google arsenic and rice. Has something to do with it being in the fertilizer on top of whats in the ground to begin with. I keep as far away form rice as I can. And brown rice is even worse.  They had a big thing about it on world news and yahoo. I can't see going out of my way to put a known poison into my system. Between gmo and poisons it gets tougher and tougher for people with health issues to eat. I just saw a thing on yahoo how this town in Syria is has problems with kidney disease due to poisons being put on the plants and while doing it being barefoot. When I garden I am true organic gardener never use pesticides or artificial fertilizers. I truly believe in companion gardening. Ok going off subject going to end.
I was told not to take vitc cause it can increase your intake of iron. Also was told not to take SAMe cause I'm allergic to sulpha. Can't take milk thistle either cause allergic to ragweed. I have so many allergies and such I find it very hard to eat. I also have IBS. Allergic to lactose, bad reactions to wheat and corn too. I do keep probiotics in the house if I run out I try to keep soy yogurt in the fridge, sometimes I can't get it. I'm to the point of saying well heck whats left for me to eat. I'm 63 yrs old and it seems the older I get the worse all these issues get. And yes I do have hepc about to finish my tx in 4 days, been undetectable since week 4., geno 2a/2c , fibroscan was 9.9 last one I had. I actually get sick sometimes from not eating cause half the time I don't know what to eat. No luck in finding a nutritionist yet where I live. I am also a severe chronic pain patient due to a very bad car accident, living on morphine now cause its the lesser of evils to some of the other pain meds. I guess I'll end here I already stole someone elses forum and I do apologize.
I am new to the forum and I need advice on what to eat after I have had a procedure to clear my bile duct. I still feel sickly and I am afraid of eating in case I cause liver damage and in turn blocked bile duct just simple advice will be good
Why don't you post your question as a new question, just as you have it worded. Click on green box on the right top, you will get better responses that way.
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