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abdominal pain
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abdominal pain

Please help me understand what does abdominal pain means on acute part of HCV is it because of the liver inflammation or is it just generalized abdominal pain?

I have abdominal Pain on my right side under the cage ribs and took an abdominal ultrasound test that came out to be normal liver size, all other organs came ok..

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I will say to you what happened to me that I put on a post.

I have both Hepatitis B & C. Both are chronic and active. I was diagnosed with these back about 1991. It is now Sept. 2008. I was informed I was most likely a carrier. About Feb. 2001 I was a Semi-truck driver based in New Mexico and delivered to the four surrounding states for same day turn around. Because of the extreme heat and extreme sunlight and very long hours (12-16 average per day) I would develop migraines. I started taking Excedrin Migraine tabs (2) recommended dosage but as yet they did not give warnings about hepatic problems and I did not know the consequences of taking Tylenol/acetaphetamin which caused bleeding varices in the esophagus, stomach and large intestines. I would have to go to the bathroom at a stop and blood was poring out of me. I got scared but hoped it was something that would pass. I soon became very fatigued and would have to pull over to sleep frequently which was not conducive to my job. I finally had to stop working and basically became bed ridden. My first episode that made me have to go to the hospital was when I was fixing someone's computer at home and started to get very thirsty. I had a few glasses of Pepsi but soon I felt very bloated and felt like my stomach was filling up so I went to the bathroom and vomited. It was bright red with fresh blood. I called in my wife and she became very frightened and said I needed to go to the emergency room. I said wait and see what happens. If it happened again I would go. Well it did only a few minutes later. This was quite a bit of blood each time, between a pint and a quart. I drove down and went into emergency and related what was happening. They rushed me through triage and into the back. My blood pressure by this time was 70 over 40. Half of what it should be and they wondered why I was still conscious and walking around. Well I was given an Upper Endoscopy http://www.medicinenet.com/endoscopy/article.htm   and that when I passed out only to wake up in a hospital room. I had to stay a few days and was released. When I went home I was very weak and crawled into bed and stayed there for days. It was suggested that I apply for disability. I said I had heard horror stories about doing that but I was told 'what do you have to lose?'. So I did and got my first check in 2 and a half months. I guess they figured I was the walking dead. Since then my condition has worsened. I am now in end stage liver failure with most of the classic symptoms which a good listing is found here or do a lookup for (since websites may be removed since this will be reviewed but I hope they are not since they would be helpful),

Chronic Hepatitis Symptoms

There are quite a few listings but I will only list what I have,

†Ascites (swelling in the stomach area)
†Blurred Vision
†Dark Urine
†Decline in sex drive
†Dry Skin
†Edema (swelling of the hands, feet & legs)
†Excessive Bleeding
†Excessive gas
†Eye or eyesight problems (blurred vision or dry eyes)
†Gray, yellow, white or light colored stools
†Hot flashes
†Joint pain
†Mood changes or swings
†Memory loss, mental confusion (due to ammonia buildup on the brain)
†Muscle aches
†Rashes/Red spots
†Sensitivity to heat or cold
†Sleep disturbances
†Slow healing and recovery
†Water retention
†Weight gain (from water retention)
†Weight loss

This next one is my most serious problem for which I have to take pain killers for.

†Hepatalgia (pain or discomfort in liver area)

If I don't have pain killers the pain is like somebody is twisting a corkscrew right into my diaphragm area. I had my wife listen to my abdomen but she could here it from where she sat. It sounds like gas is traveling through intestines and she could feel it through the tissue also. The pain is constant but also hits in waves and spasms. When I tell doctors, specialists also, they tell me there is no reason I should be having pain or the have no idea why I am having pain. They have the attitude that I am making it up and am only looking for drugs. I just came back from the University of Colorado and their liver transplant program for which I was evaluated (very educational and anytime I wind up in emergency or the hospital to have the hospital call them and they will take over treatment.) Do a lookup on google for Liver Transplant at University of Colorado Hospital (it will be the first listing) (if this website removes the address)

and while up there while staying in the Drury Inn East I used their computer to do a search on abdominal pain or liver pain. I found out from reading and the doctors that the liver can't feel pain but the doctors don't enlighten you to other reasons as to why the pain would exist. I found a file that did me great justice here,

Here is a quote from that file (if address is removed) or do a lookup for that term - The medical term for Liver Pain is Hepatalgia,

Liver Pain?

The medical term for Liver Pain is Hepatalgia)

Abdominal pain is one of the most frequent complaints of Hep C patients, and one taken less than seriously by many doctors, because "the liver cannot feel pain".


Many chronic hepatitis C patients have expressed their frustration when it comes to describing and sharing the experience of various abdominal pains and discomforts with their physicians. Frequently, these acute or chronic pains are dismissed as having little or nothing to do with chronic liver disease. What do physicians know about abdominal pain?

So now my wife has to work to bring in food money etcetera and I need to get on a housing program that will take some of my rent cost off. I also have to get help with food and anything else that can help us. My disability check is only $900.00 a month and not enough for 2 to live on. It only pays rent and cable tv, internet and phone. There is nothing left after that. Now I will be put on a waiting list for a liver. Since I can no longer drive and am on disability I need to see if I can acquire some education grants. I would like to see if I can take classes for an X-RAY tech so I can get into the medical field since it is exploding and if I do get a transplant the fact that I would be in medicine and working in a hospital my med's for anti-rejection would be expensive but the medical insurance would cover no problem. I figure that’s about all I can say on the matter except that if their is a partner like a wife or husband of someone with this problem remember it is very hard on them too. Since being a terminal condition they know they are watching you slowly die and you can imagine the effect this would have on them so try to take just as good care of them as they are taking of you.
Also I forgot to give a couple of webites,

Is it pancreatitis in acute abdominal pain in acute viral hepatitis?

Also do a search for,
Abdominal Pain Hepatitis
on google and start reading.


print some of the articles you think would be the best at shutting down doctor's who think you're faking it or have a screw loose. Once you have the print version they can't say anything against you and have to give you some pain killers for it. If it wasn't for them I would have commited suicide by now. Currently I am on #120 of 60 milligram MSCONTIN  which is morphine sulphate 4 times a day and .5 mil's # 120 4 times a day.

You may not require as much but just get what you can. If your doctor won't scrip you the med's go to the pain clinic in the hospital even if it's county hospital.
Thanks for sharing what you are going through. I do not have hepatitis C  or B. I have cryptogenic liver disease End Stage. Originally went on this forum because it was the only one I was able to find reguarding liver disease. Unlike many people I have read about I do not have pain due to liver disease. I have chronic pain due to various types of  arthritis .I was eveluated at Mayo in Arizona since, I am in one of the 4 Corner States. They told me not to take pain meds of any type because (they are Addictive???) So now I cant even take a Tylenol for a headache. How's that for Quality of Life.

Again Thanks For Sharing
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