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flu and hep c
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flu and hep c

I have hep c and have not been treated yet. I have had  the flu for 3 weeks and its not getting better if anything worse. Shoud i see a doctor? Can the this combonation cause any other illnesses?
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Are you asking if HCV + untreated Flu can lead to another illness? Or perhaps progress into a worse one? If so, I am not sure but 3 Weeks is a long time.  I think you should see a doctor about the flu especially if you feel like you are getting worse.

Are you certain it is the flu: here are the symptoms:

    Fever (38o to 40oC).
    Aching muscles and joints.
    Chest pains.
    Lack of appetite.
    Fatigue and weakness.
    A runny nose and sore throat.
    Dry cough.
    Restless sleep.
    Chills and shivering.
    Vomiting or diarrhea.

**Either way you probably ought to see a doctor and not let this linger. Take care♫

The only other illness caused from hep C is cirrhosis of the liver and related complications.  If you have hep C, do  not drink alcohol.

If I had the flu for 3 weeks I'd go to the doctor.
The flu usually lasts a week to ten days tops.

Dont think it has to do with you HCV but go to the doc!
If you've had HVC for a long time, it can compromise your immune system and infections are easier to catch and harder to shake off.   Get your doctor to treat you for the flu and run a full blood panel including liver counts so you can keep yourself across where you are with the HVC.
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