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help me interpret these results, please
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help me interpret these results, please

When I had a baby several months ago, they ran an HCV test on me and the results came back positive. Then they did a follow up blood test a day later and the results came back RNA negative. I think. At the time, I was so dazed from childbirth and absolutely terrified of what HCV meant, that I didn't pay as much attention as I should of, plus there was a language barrier. But I have the results sitting right here. Can you help me interpret them?

I'm just going to copy exactly as it says:

HCV antibody 2].490 (+)  COI negative 0-1
HCV RNA <1.00E+03   IU/me  <1.00E+03

I hope that's correct. The handwriting isn't the best. The top number could be 21.490 or it could be 27.490 or maybe it really is 2].490. I just don't know.

But I would appreciate any help with this. I'm so scared right now.
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I am not good at reading results,but someone will be along soon to tell you.This is just MO of your results.Looks like your are Positive for the antibodies but negative of Hep C virus.Don't hold me to that.Someone else will Chime in soon that knows how to read your results.

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I would ask the hospital for a clean & legible copy.
Are there any other words or phrases on the report? It is important you copy everything exactly as it is stated.

I agree the first line item shows the presence of HCV Antibody however I am unsure about "COI negative unless the negative 0 - 1 is the reference interval

As far as HCV RNA, 1.00E+03 is scientific notation for 1,000

The first set might be your lab result and the second might be the reference interval. I **guess** your HCV RNA was less than 1000 which is why you might be HCV RNA Negative.

Some medical tests report results using international units (IU) per milliliter (mL) which would be IU/mL but I do not know what measurement IU/me is supposed to represent.


I realise it is quite risky to speculate and I hope another person is a able to confirm or correct my interpretation. Meanwhile I encourage you to obtain a clean copy and pursue a verbal explanation to confirm your test results.

Congratulations on your baby. I can well imagine you must have a lot on your mind.
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That's all that's written on the report, though on closer inspection, I realize IU/me is actually IU/ml. Does that help any?

Going back to the hospital would not be fruitful for me. There is still the language barrier. I live overseas.
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I believe the first part is the result and the second part is the normal range.
So it would look sort of like this.....

Result......................................Normal range
HCV antibody 2].490 (+) ...........negative 0-1
HCV RNA <1.00E+03 IU/ml.......<1.00E+03

So that would mean that your antibody test is positive.  Meaning that at some point in your life you were exposed to the hepatitis C virus.

The second part is the viral load test.  It's done to confirm whether you actually still have the virus.  Yours is negative.  So that would mean that you cleared the virus on your own.

HOWEVER, the viral load test they used only measures down to 1000.  That means that if by chance you have a lower amount of virus, it wouldn't show it.  There are more sensitive tests that can measure lower than 1000.

Question....Since the results are so confusing....did they test the baby?

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