hep c and vomiting always
by dickweedo, Mar 28, 2005
I have hep c from bad blood in 1982. I found out in may 2001. I have had to leave my job of 30 years because i have no energy. I also experiance vomiting on a daily basis. Does anyone else have this. It has brought my life to a standstill, please help, what can I do?
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by bluepeng, Mar 28, 2005
If you have vomiting on a *daily* basis, I would definitely see a doctor.  If anybody here has experienced it would be nice to know, but the reality is you need a professional's opinion.   It could be anything -- ulcer, virus, diet, etc.  

Good luck.
by new-sojourn, Mar 28, 2005
Well, I threw up bile every morning for yrs and then one day I started throwing up blood and passing out and trying to crawl to a phone and throwing up and passing out and then my partner came home and called 911.  I was rushed to the ER, bled out, saw white lite and floated back to my body.

That was in 2001-infected via transfusion in 1967-never had a clue I had hep c after yrs of conflicting dx.s. I was a 2b, b/treated and cl'd in 18days-fin 24wks and that was Sept 2002.

Now I don't throw up anything, feel 30yrs younger and feel like I have a new life.
by cuteus, Mar 29, 2005
what can you do? Get a complete check up with your PCP and a complete gastro exam with a hepatologist. Don't try to dx and medicate yourself while infected with hep c.
by alioth, Apr 09, 2005
I was infected with Hep C in October, 1996.  Almost immediately, I started having severe nausea and vomiting.  This has continued daily for almost the last 9 years.  This has had a terrible effect on my quality of life.  I take phenergan for the nausea, it doesn't help much.  Sometimes I have to go to the emergency room when it gets really bad and then they give me some I.V. nausea meds that are very expensive and difficult to administer.  When possible, I use natural remedies, like ginger for the nausea and milk thistle for the hep c.  Medical marijuana is another option if you are lucky enough to live in a state that has passed medical marijuana laws.  I am luckey enough that I live in Oregon, and have been a medical cannabis for the past 2 1/2 years.  This helps a lot, I prefer it to taking the phenergan, which can have Parkinsonian like effects, if you have restless legs, like me, you want to stay away from phenergan and its close cousin companzine, which is also a common nausea meds.  Also, need I say this, but watch what you eat.  Nothing high-fat or greasey, or highly spiced (depends on the spices, "hot" ones like cayenne and hot capsicum peppers make things worse, and others, like ginger and cardamom, help), not a lot of heavy proteins like beef and other red meat, although buffalo (actually bison) meat gives me no bad effects, and has a strengthening effect.  I like nurturing, strengthening soups like Pho, a Vietnamese soup that is cooked slow and long with a wonderful flavor or Miso soup.  Good luck!
by merryBe, Sep 26, 2007
EEK, stop the marijuanna!!!  This cause fibrosis to advance at 7x the rate of a non user. You might as well drink a fifth a day!!!  Fibrosis is very painful, and cirrosis is 10 times worse. Who on earth advided you to use MJ with liver probs has ZERO brains. Ps. You can also vomit from too much yeast, (drink beer?) and you sound like fats are a problem, as is bile. I would be suspicious of your gall bladder and get it checked. the Hep C may not be the cause or your only condition.
the tip off with gall bladder disease is rich meats bring on your symptoms. You do not have to have stones to have gall bladder didease. How old are you, what weight and gender, what is your cholesterol like?
by kmcc2264, Mar 03, 2008
I have been vomiting everyday, for the last 1-2 months, I was at stage 3 6 yrs ago, and I am sure cirr is in full swing. I feel ok at nite most of the time but in the morn it's a different story. I don't eat much meat, pretty much all vegi. I am in south east asia where I spend most of my winters cause I can not work full time any more. Lately though things have been getting worse, more fatige. I work out as much as I can,  my age is 48, my cholesterol is good, my weight is not bad about 165-170 which is about normal for my height.
by LeeK89, Jun 25, 2013




Hmm, hardly sounds like a fifth a day to me.