hepatitis a b c
by josh8, Mar 28, 2012
I just went to planned parenthood and got myself tested at 5 months post exposure. Tested neg on hiv, gonohera, chlamydia, and syphillis. I have never used needles pertaining to drugs and dont have any tattoos. Is testing for hepatitis a b or c needed?
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by pooh55811, Mar 28, 2012
You did not say what type of exposure you had. The transmission routes of the various strains of Hepatitis are listed below.

Hepatitis A is transmitted by enteric, that is digestive or by fecal routes (fecal to oral). The infected person passes the virus to another person who ingests a small amount of infected material.

Hepatitis B is transmitted through contaminated blood, sweat, tears, saliva, semen, saliva, vaginal secretions, menstrual blood and breast milk. This can occur when using the same syringe as an infected person, from blood transfusions prior to 1975 (now screened in most countries), having tattoos or body piercing, from mother to child during childbirth, during medical procedures, occupational exposure, during sexual intercourse.

Hepatitis C is transmitted primarily blood to blood contact; a person is infected by hepatitis C when he/she gets an infected person's blood into his/her own blood stream. Therefore as with hepatitis B, blood transfusions (prior to 1990 in this case), tattooing and body piercing, occupational exposure, medical procedures, intravenous drug use. Sexual contact, anal, oral or genital, has been shown to be an inefficient route of exposure, as is mother-to-child in childbirth.


If you are concerned, get tested. They can run a Hepatitis Panel that will test for antibodies for all 3 of those types of Hepatitis (Hep. A, Hep. B, Hep. C).

Best of luck.
by josh8, Mar 31, 2012
Thanks pooh for the insight. I was only asking because Ive never been tested for any of the three before. From what you described above for all three I particularly dont think I would have contracted them. Especially Hep C. Since ive never gotten a tattoo, piercing, blood transfusion, used or shared needles for drugs etc. The lady that helped me said Hep testing isnt normally required/urged to do unless you fall into one or more of the categories that you explained above. Which I dont. So thank you.