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kidneys and hep c
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kidneys and hep c

I have had hep c over 10 years meds arent helping my kidneys are starting to really hurt in my back that i cant sleep what can i do?
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Hepatitis C linked to severe kidney disease

Last Updated: 2007-06-26 16:45:45 -0400 (Reuters Health)

NEW YORK (Reuters Health) - Adults infected with hepatitis C virus (HCV) are at increased risk for developing end-stage kidney disease, a serious disease that requires lifelong dialysis or kidney transplantation, investigators report in the Archives of Internal Medicine.

Research has shown that the liver is not the only organ affected by HCV, Dr. Judith I. Tsui and her associates note. Still, the impact that this virus has on kidney disease has not been well-defined.

In the new study, Tsui, from the Veterans Affairs Medical Center in San Francisco, and her team linked data from Medicare, the Department of Veterans Affairs, and the United States Renal Data System. Their goal was to see if HCV infection was associated with end-stage kidney disease.

The study group included 474,000 veterans who were tested for HCV within 1 year of a having blood levels of creatinine measured, a simple test of kidney function. Of these subjects, 53,000 tested positive for HCV.

HCV infection nearly tripled the risk of end-stage kidney disease, the results indicate. However, this finding was only apparent in subjects younger than 70 years of age and was most pronounced in those with normal or near-normal kidney function when the study began.

"Patients with HCV are more likely to experience rapid decline in (kidney) function," the authors conclude.

SOURCE: Archives of Internal Medicine, June 25, 2007.

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THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR ANSWERING MY QUESTION. i have to get a better doctor, i live in new jersey and i am on ssd so my choices are rare. thanks again.  

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you need to get all your meds re-evaluated for kidney effects, also get scanned for tumors/stones on/in kidneys and be seen for possible dialysis.
even one wrong med can mess with kidney function.
I would suggest a kidney specialist and that you read up on each of your meds.

Sometimes as we age things do not filter out, or have the "half-life" etc. that the studies show they do, and hence can build up, or just stay in the body much longer, in which case dosages need to be cut down substancially. Low kidney function.......think "a baby's kidneys" and approach meds from that standpoint. Hope this helps.

you could also have a simple kidney infection, which left untreated could be very harmful, so don't start cutting back meds without doc supervision, but get in and get seen ASAP to find out what is really going on.

"My kidneys hurt so bad I can't sleep at night" "do I have an infection" ??? these remarks will get you seen sooner.
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That article is scary.

I posted today that for the first time in 13 months TX my GFR, est levels are low, 51.4 on a scale from 60 - 128.

HR said that the low levels could be from a recent course of strong antibiotics but that I should get those labs redone in a couple of weeks.

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