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lab test result, to meki & to evryone
hi meki , and everybody ! this is the lab test results that i promise to post , i started w/ stage 3 , viral lload 8 million,7 weeks ago , this was taken last 6/12/08 ,                                                                                                                                                                    
                                         result                       normal range                      units                                                        
bbiliburin                         0.3                        (0 - 0 .30)                         mg/dl                                                                      
sodium                         138                         136-145                             mmol/l                                                          
potassium                      4.1                           3.5-5.1                               "                                                                        
chloride                          103                           98-107                               ''                              
co2                                 25                           21-32                          
   glucose                       h 102                        70-99                            mg (kinda high)
bun                                 12                           6-25                               mg/dl
                                  note new normal range
creatinine                  L 0.6                           0.8-1.3                               mg
calcium                        8.4                           8.2-10..2                              ''
                                    note new normal range
total protein                   8.1                            6.4-8.2
albumin                           4.0                           3.2  -4.7
                                     note new normal range
biliburin                       h  1.2                            1.1
alkaline phos                77                               26  -  137          
                                       note new normal range
ast                             H  69                             0    -  37                               u/l
alt                               H 128                           15   -  65                                 u/l

hep c RNA pcr/quant     <50
                                         reference range  : < 50  
                                           unit   iu /ml

hepc   RNa  pcr/quant      < 170
                                             reference   range        <1.7
cryoglobulin                       NEG                            NEG         (this is if high or pos. is causing athritis to hep c
                                                                                                patient .   correct me if i m wrong  )

     gfr                                  <60                           <60

glucose                       h  104                         70-99                               this is kind a high

i m  not sure if you guys understand all that i wrote in thiis post , all  im saying is that my virus was undetected  after 7 weeks of injections , from 8 million to 0 , the doctor told me not to celebrate yet yet, i still have to continue my treatment foor more months to complete a year treatment .  and still monitor my blood test for anyy changes ,
                  even though i have a lot of new norm al ranges , im still feeling  my aches and pains and all the side effects of the treatment ,back pain ,flu like , insomia,not too much on the hair lost ( which i'm glad)  and not too much on the brain fog.          there are still alot more to copy , like wbc count  ,hemoglobin  ,.platelet count , they are all in normal ranges ,i tired to copy all of them anymore,      the doctor said that the more you feel the side effects the more that you are getting rid of the virus  ,  is that true?    all i m saying dont give up hope if your viral load is high  or if 1b ,or ia  or stge 3 or 4 ,as meki was saying everybody is different ,just pray alot ,follow what the doctor tells you do   and do not lose hope and we will all gonna make it.  hang in there friends.

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