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nausea all the time
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nausea all the time

dear community,
first i have to say i have/had hep-c the last 20 yeaers.
in 2008 a biopsy showed already f3.i started the soc tx with riba/interferon wich failed as i was just a partial responder.
in nov 2011 i started the tripple tx with incivek for 48 weeks.i was UND from week 4 till the end of treatment.
next week i will have my 3 month post tx meeting.

during the tx tx i sometimes had nausea wich i hoped will improving after the tx.
but Iam still suffering from nausea wich now did increased.ist a kinda nausea together whos go up to my throat.
what did or does help you best when you feeling nausea?

I have next week my 3 month post tx appointment at the transplant center.
I asked if I can see the leading prof of Hepatologie.so I hope he will have some answers for my questions.
I lost all my hopes as I feel constantly more ill.

I just hope they can ease my symptoms and give me the care I think I need to have.
I also hope they check my amonia (ammonia) level as iam feeling more and more like my brain is no more working properly.
and I hope they do another gastrocospy to check what's going on in my stomach and look for varices.
iam so desperate as iam sure all my symptoms are related to my liver/cirrhosis.I have often feed cramps,my lips are often red and feel like swollen or numb.

I can't feel any improvement since I finished my treatment.

i would apreciate some tipps what helps against this nausea.
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I have found many others posting about nasuea and "brain fog" post Hep C treatment so I think your question may be beter fitting for our Hep C community. It can be caused by both interferon and ribavirin. Vomiting repeatedly can lead to dehydration and chemical imbalances in your body. Medications are available to help getting you feeling better.

I will recommend your post be moved to that community.

I wish you the best!
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thanks for moving this to the hep-c forum.

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For nausea try zofran, if you haven't already. Sound s like you have your appts. in order. I'll leave that for the pros to comment. Hopes it gets better for you. Kitty
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I'm so sorry you are having continuing nausea! Have you tried Zofran? It worked miracles for me. Ginger can also be very helpful in some people. You can make a tea with slices of fresh ginger root, or nibble candied ginger, or drink ginger ale, or even take ginger in capsules. The ribavirin is hard on the GI tract, and the ribavirin takes six months to fully eliminate from your body. For me it has caused lower intestinal troubles, and at 20 weeks post-tx they are 60% better most days but are still very bad on some days. I'm very eager to be done with that, so I can really sympathize with your problems. Good luck!
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thanks alot for the tipps.
i tried zofran already when i was on tx with incivek and it helped a bit,
ginger tea is helping me so far better,but not always.
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Personally, I like Instant Ginger Tea for nausea.


Here are some herbs that are supposed to help with nausea.

The Best Herbal Tea for Nausea

Jun 26, 2011 | By Jean Bardot

There are many reasons for being nauseous, ranging from morning sickness to the flu or food poisoning. One of the most soothing ways to treat nausea is by drinking herbal teas, whose properties not only prevent nausea, but may also help speed your recovery. Many herbs can cause side effects, so before taking unfamiliar herbal products, check with a health practitioner.


Ginger is an herb used for centuries to treat stomach upsets and especially to calm nausea. You can drink ginger tea hot or cold, whichever makes you feel better. Ginger not only helps reduce nausea, it soothes a sore stomach, helps lower fevers and breaks up congestion and coughing due to flu or the common cold. Ginger can thin the blood. If you take blood thinning medicines, consult your health practitioner before using ginger in medicinal doses.


Hot lemonade or lemon tea may help relax your stomach and reduce nausea. Lemon juice creates an alkaline-forming state in your stomach, reducing the roiling of excess acid and calms esophageal spasms, according to the book, "Concise Encyclopedia of Foods and Nutrition." Squeeze half a lemon in an 8 to 10 oz. glass of hot water, add some honey and sip for relief.


Peppermint is an old folk remedy for the treatment of nausea and other stomach upsets, and is used in many medications to relieve stomach problems. Peppermint helps reduce the motility of the stomach and relieve spasms which may contribute to nausea, according to Jethro Kloss in his book, "Back to Eden." You can use fresh or dried herb to make peppermint tea; or for convenience, keep a box of prepared peppermint tea bags in your pantry. Peppermint can aggravate acid reflux in some sensitive people. If your symptoms worsen or you experience heartburn after drinking peppermint tea, stop and consult your herbalist for other suggestions.

Licorice Root

Licorice root protects the lining of your esophagus and stomach by creating a thin mucous film that prevents stomach acids from damaging the tissue. The tea is sweet and soothing to the throat and helps relieve nausea, especially when it is related to heartburn and acid reflux. Although you can make tea from the dried root or the extract, there are some excellent prepared teabags available, which makes it easy to keep on hand. Licorice root can raise the blood pressure, so consult your health practitioner before using it if you have hypertension.

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