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need layman's Interpretation for Fibrospect II results
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need layman's Interpretation for Fibrospect II results

I have a friend (NOT myself!!) who has liver problems and doesn't currently have access to a computer so she has asked me for help.  She had a Fibrospect II test done and had a 22 index test result which also said she was fo-f1??  also said something about portal track fibrosis?? She wants to know what this all means for her in layman's terms, as In what's wrong with her, what does she have, and how to treat it/cure it if possible.  What are her options for this if more than one exist??
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Hello munch63, and welcome to the forum.

Well, here is the labcorp index specs, must have been .22 ...not 22
That means F0-F1,  minimal if any portal fibro with fo-f1

Fibrosis stage (Fibro test):

• F0 − no fibrosis: 0.00-0.21

• F0-F1: 0.21-0.27

• F1 − portal fibrosis: 0.27-0.31

• F1-F2: 0.31-0.48

• F2 − bridging fibrosis with few septa: 0.48-0.58

• F3 − bridging fibrosis with many septa: 0.58-0.72

• F3-F4: 0.72-0.74

• F4 − cirrhosis: 0.74-1.00

Most on this forum are not medical Doctors, she needs to talk with her dr or a hepatologists,,, but if you get us more of her blood test results, genotype, viral load, age, health, etc....then we might be able to help more.

If she is really a Fo-F1, she is in pretty good shape liver wise. That is very little damage. This means she has plenty of time to figure out what her best course of action will be.

You ask if she can be cured but dont tell if she has been dx with HCV.
Since this is a HCV forum I will assume she has HCV, and yes hcv can be cured.


hi apache..thanks for your response.

My friend just turned 55 yrs. old.  She has horrible intolerances to msg, Aspertame, and all artificial sweeteners as well as almost all painkillers.  She has fibromyalgia...(currently receiving SSI for this) and sudden development of GERD, with her throat being inflamed. Please bear with me as most of the following info is way over my head, lol!!
She had 2 large cysts deroofed from her liver recently and they are wondering if the cysts have gone down and are interfering with/or growing into her bile duct, I think "her" words were a dialation of the common left biliary tract?? Basically I guess they think she has a massive bile duct obstruction of some kind and were recently giving her bile acids to take?? They've told her to avoid fats as much as possible as well.  She also is developing some kind of osteoporosis.  More of her test results are as follows:  ABS Monocyte is .82, ABS Neutrophil is 7.5, Alkaline Phosphatase is 147, ABS Lymphocyte is 4.1, Gamaglutamyl Transaminas is 107.  Her white cell count is 11.8, her platelet count is 405, her cholesterol is 281.  She is about to have a test called a PTC??  I think it is Percutaneous Transheptic Cholangiography?? She's extremely nervous about this upcoming test!!  She claims that they haven't told her whether or not she has ANY form of hepatitis yet or not....I find this kind of strange...wouldn't a simple blood test tell them that rather quickly?? I feel sorry for her and try to be supportive but I'm not sure how to comfort her and I think that these doctors aren't even really sure what's wrong with her and are just stalling til they figure it out/ covering their ***** as well!!  this has been going on for over a year.  She also still smokes but has gotten it down to about half a pack a day or less.  I keep telling her she needs to quit entirely, though, having done so myself 15 years ago last month! I also said she should be getting a second doctor's opinion...maybe they wouldn't take so long like these doctors have?? Sorry for such a long Posted comment!!  What is your opinion given all this info??
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