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treatment possibilities
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treatment possibilities

Hello from a newbie here at such a great forum.
Recently I have been diagnosed with HCV.
Here are results from my blood test. Please excuse any errors as I have had the test in Eastern Europe and i am translating some of the results.
Virus load =  5,7 x 10'6 (2.1 x 10`6 ME/mn)
Bilirubin  general  - 10.33
Bilirubin straight line - 1.76
Bilirubin indirect - 8.57
TP                     75.9
ALT                   28.6
AST                   24.6
ALP                   109.0
GGT                    72.0
I soon return to USA and have little clue as to what these numbers truly mean.
I have much conflicting information on treatment with Interferon
1) That I should not make this as it will destroy my body, brain, and immune sysytem
2) at my age it is impossible to survive such treatments ( 53 male in relatively good health without any maintenance meds)

I have also been recommended a new Chinese drug named Bicylol which is not sold in USA OR approved by our FDA. This new drug touts little or no side effects with promising results but the studies are in question and extremely lacking on any information.

Currently I do not have any health insurance and I realize that with my virus count that  most American insurance companies will consider this as an "pre-existing condition" and likely would not pay for treatments.

After reading many posts from this forum I am even more confused as many persons are responding well to the interferon treatments.

What are my choices and what directions should I take for treatments and consultations? Is a liver biopsy recommended. I was always told to NEVER allow someone to take a biopsy of my liver. Fibroscopy ?  a doctor examined me and I was told that my liver is working well with only  slight swolleness.

Is any person aware of any clinics or government assisted treatment programs for HCV patients?
Are people purchasing the meds in USA or from Canadian or offshore companies? From what I have learned so far the costs of treatments are in the range of about $2,000.00 each month on the low end.

I will thank all people in advance for any help you can give me and for the time you have taken to answer my post.
Good Day  

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the blood numbers generally look ok (without details some guessing involved)  your bilirubin maybe high which is not good. check on that.
everything youve heard about treatment generally isnt true. it works as advertised 40%
to 70%  success. most of us are in our 40's 50's and get through just fine.  maybe 20% to 30% of people have problems with treatment.

the drug companies will give you the drugs generally if you ask.

also, drug companies do new hepatitis drug tests (drug trials) all the time and
you get the whole treatment for free if you follow the rules.
Thanks so much for the info. What are some of the drug companies to contact?
What type of doctor do I search out in the city I will be living ?
schering plough  1 888 437-2608
roche                 1 877 pegasys

if you want the best and im sure you do,  get a hepatologist who
has lots of hep c patients. you will probably be required to
get a biopsy but its no big deal.  your viral load is on the borderline
for being low. this is good.
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