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turning 50 *****

Is it possible that i can get a hernia,while i was recovery from my liver biospy...Strange,i was in a lot of discomfort ,i was laying down ,and getting up,couldnt seem to shake off the pain in my shoulders,after 30 min.i was free to leave.i had no internal bleeding,and my vitals were fine.but i had a pain in mygroin area,i thought it was a gas bubble or something because i was hungry thirsty and had to go number 1 and number 2.i was really a baby about getting my liver biospy.anyhow as time pass by i continued to have this pain,i figured i most of hurt it at work,i work in a office i never do any hard lifting,but i did lift up this one box of\paper of course i used my leggs to lift it,didnt think much about it,but  soon figured that must of cause my pain.Its been 10 days since my biospy (no results)and i just remembered that pain i had after my biospy,and shoot i not sure if that pain ever went away,in my groin.one of my testicle is sore to the touch and larger,something is wrong ....
You need to call your Doc about these symtoms (symptoms). Something is going on I do not know what... a liver biopsy would not cause all of this. Good luck
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I think the pain in your shoulder may have been a nerve pain, when they insert the biopsy needle, but it is usually a rly severe pain then.
   I was told not to lift anything for a week, but I thought that was to prevent internal bleeding, not hernia~ I'm no expert, you should go back to the Liver Doctor, who gave you the biopsy,and check on this, good luck
You need to call your Doc about these symtoms (symptoms). Something is going on I do not know what... a liver biopsy would not cause all of this. Good luck
If your testicle is sore to the touch and larger than it was, you need to see a doctor ASAP. It may be nothing but it could be something. You won't know until you see a doctor.

I don't think your liver biopsy has anythng to do with this problem.

Here is a link to some information:


This exerpt is from the linked article:

What causes enlarged testicle?

Enlarged testicle is a common symptom of injury, inflammation or infection. Testicle enlargement results from swelling of the soft tissues, a lump, or a cyst within the testicle. Injury leading to swelling is a common cause of an enlarged testicle.

Depending on the cause, enlargement may occur in one or both testicles, and it may be accompanied by pain, swelling or fever. Infections of the epididymis or testes can cause enlarged testicles. In rare cases, enlargement of the testicle is a symptom of testicular cancer, a condition commonly associated with a painless lump.

Common causes of an enlarged testicle

An enlarged testicle may have other causes including:
• Cancer of the testicle
• Epididymitis (inflammation of the epididymis)
• Inguinal hernia, which may be mistaken for an enlarged testicle
• Mumps (viral infection that can cause inflammation of the testicle)
• Orchitis (inflammation of the testicle)
• Scrotal sac infection
• Spermatocele (cyst in the scrotum)
• Testicular torsion
• Trauma or injury
• Varicose veins in the scrotum (varicocele), which may appear as an enlarged testicle

Serious or life-threatening causes of an enlarged testicle

In some cases, an enlarged testicle may be a symptom of a serious or life-threatening condition that should be immediately evaluated in an emergency setting, such as testicular torsion, a condition in which blood supply to the testicle is compromised.

Questions for diagnosing the cause of an enlarged testicle

To diagnose your condition, your doctor or licensed health care practitioner will ask you several questions related to your enlarged testicle including:
• Do you have any other symptoms?
• Do you have discharge from your penis?
• Do you have any lumps in your testicle?
• Do you have pain with urination?
• Do you have blood in your semen?
• Do you have symptoms in one or both testicles?
• Have you recently injured your testicle?
• What medications are you taking?
• When did you first notice your enlarged testicle?

What are the potential complications of an enlarged testicle?

Because an enlarged testicle can be due to serious diseases, failure to seek treatment can result in serious complications and permanent damage. Once the underlying cause is diagnosed, it is important for you to follow the treatment plan that you and your health care professional design specifically for you to reduce the risk of potential complications including:
• Infarction of the testicular tissue
• Scrotal abscess
• Spread of cancer
• Spread of infection
• Testicle removal

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