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uncle was on life support for liver and kidneys please read long story....
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uncle was on life support for liver and kidneys please read long story.. :)

It has been a horrible year and a half for my family, we lost my uncle at the age of 44 suddenly to a brain aneurysm, them my great grandma, then my grandma who just turned 70 on december 4 2010 from lung cancer (we think it started there anyway). Also a few days later my gram passed my dad went in for back surgery (which was his last resort) and they overdosed him badly and he went into a coma (but they never really said) his kidneys started shutting down etc. We really though we were going to lose him (now in the dr. reports it says he may have had a stroke which noone ever told us this in the hospital) My dad still is having pain and memory loss etc. Anyways my other uncle I believe hes in his early 40s wass rushed to the hospital a few days ago and was put on life support. His kidneys and liver were shutting down and they also had him on oxygen. They had to keep him in his  coma because when he started coming out of it his toxins were going way up. Im confused yesterday my dad said they were taklking about a funeral etc (he is out of state and just got out of jail then this happened right after) someone found him passed out in a park. They also yesterday it was too late for a liver transplant, but now hesof it  coming out of it and not on life support but not with it.  I just talked to my dad and now the nurse mentioned a liver transplant?!  Im not trying to be negative but I do not see how he will stay better for long. Usually people may get better but then it gets worse. This is what happened with my other uncle that had the brain aneurysm. Anyone  experience this?  
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I'm very sorry that all of this has happened to you.  Unfortunately I don't know how far damaged your uncles liver is but I hope that personally you can find someone to talk to therapeutically - you've been through a really lot recently and it seems you would benefit from it.

Perhaps you can ask the nurses or doctors some questions about your uncles condition and find some peace with it either way.  In the meantime I wish you the very best and again I'm very sorry for all the loss that you are experiencing.
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sorry that you have all of this in your life. It is almost unbelievable.  But I have to ask what this has to do with HCV ? not sure how old you are but with all this grief you should talk to someone i.e. clergy, guidance counselor (if you are in school), etc.
best of luck
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Yes I agree with the above, it is very important that you find someone who can provide you with the support and comfort that you need right now. Sometimes in life we experience more anguish and trauma than we can deal with on our own and it is in those times that we have to turn to others for support and empathy.
You will get lots of empathy from this site but can you possibly find someone professional or maybe a good friend to talk to. I can identify with your story totally and you are in my thoughts.
Look after yourself
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