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your thoughts on TX and excersize
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your thoughts on TX and excersize

I wanted to know when I do start treatment I am wondering if I should still work out the same or do it less.I have hurd mixed things by people on this site and my doc has also.Anyway what have you heard about that.Anyway let me know
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By the end of week 3 when the anemia hit just lifting my head off the pillow and trying to make it a few feet to the bathroom was a form of exercise.
By the end of 72 weeks lifiting remote was about it after work. Sometimes I had to pull over on the drive in just to take a nap.

So if you can exercise go for it but once you're on treatment you might feel much differently.
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i read about a guy who competed in a marathon. a 30 minute walk is enuf for me. everyone is different. you are young so u may enjoy more energy. plan for the worst and hope for the best. i get the  sense you want to control all the  details but i think you will find that life and tx are not going to cooperate with your plans. try to stay  flexible. best, babs
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on wk30
HgB between 10-11
Still exercise almost daily , body takes longer to recoup afterwards
but it is sooooo worth it.

Have been excersising for years before tx.
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Well, I just started another 12 week round of Shawn Phillip's Strength for Life program.  This will coincide with my first 3 months of therapy and I'm pretty certain it'll help motivate me through - although, obviously, one never knows when they are going somewhere they've never been before.  Good luck to you.
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Time will tell.
It is important that you listen to your body. I blacked out at work due to pushing myself to hard. Someone gave me bad advice. “Mind Over Matter”
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A brisk 30-40 minute walk three or four times a week can help maintain your serotonin levels and lessen the need for anti-depressants.
If you have any energy left over, check and see that you're taking enough riba.
If you still have any energy, find an elderly neighbor to shovel snow or rake leaves for.
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Exercise is good but be sure to listen to your body!
I was traning for the cycling leg of a triathelon about 2 months into tx and noticed an increased heart rate compared to my riding partners 172bpm for me and 92bpm for them!  
Most likely due to the anemia - my Dr said I could still ride but didn't recommend that I compete.
Good luck with your treatment, use common sense as your body is combating this virus and the meds.
Rest and water will be your friends!
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I don't see why in the world you would even question exercising.  It is good for you.  Once the anemia sets in you might be doing less or none but go for it.

When is your treatment start date?  Are you going to treat anytime soon?
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My AA sponsor went through round after round of interferon with no success. He would tell me the only thing that helped is head out was going to the gym and working out. He eventually got liver cancer. He got a new liver, but the cancer came back. They recently gave him 6 months to a year. He still works out to this day. I am going to miss him so much. He was like a farther to me. For him working out and AA are therapy to him. Personally I don't know how you guys do it. I admire your strength so much.
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i haven't done tx yet but last winter i was down in florida fixing up a house for one of my daughters...i only worked about 6 to 7 hours a day for 4 months..slept 8 hours a night.. walked or biked for about 1 to 2 hours a day...so nothing too much for someone that has exercised since i was young...well i went to a doctor while down there...my vl was down to 18000!!! my alts and asts were in the normal range!....i was so excited...well i had to get back to regular work in the spring......and started doing more exercise thinking more cardio was ok or even better...went to get a second bx in june with blood tests...well my vl was way up there again..i went up a stage to 2(this was over 3 years ) my alts asts were in the 200s...so there ya go...who knows... i would watch it though...it's so hard to shut off exercise in the middle of a work out..kind of like sex...but sounds like you get into it so maybe watch out...also keep in mind one person may consider a tough work out much different then another...my pulse is most times around 42 resting....i'm not a exercise fanatic there are folks that leave me way behind....but i get into it a little and when i start tx i'm going to try to be careful...good luck....billy
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I did a 6 month course and it really took its toll, but I kept up a fair amount of light exercise, and now 2 months after finishing I am nearly back to previous levels.
After the first month I swapped No pain........No gain. for  No pain.........No problem.

I found streeeeetching was very nice as a lot of tightness built up with the whole situation making it hard to relax.
Listen to your body as it has a lot to cope with, with the disease and the cure together, so it's not the time to be trying for your personal best.
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I think because we all have different lifestyles and different reaction to the  effects of therapy that it is really upto yourself the kind of activity or exercise routine  to be undertaken.
I completed 72 weeks of therapy and undertook regular training. Even when I had less energy I would still ride a stationary bike for half an hour  4 days a week and still lift weights(although much lighter than before) because I wanted to maintain a good level of fitness throughout therapy. Friends of mine on therapy who had trained regularly before commencing found they could hardly climb stairs and just walking to the shop around the corner was more than enough exercise.
Let your body decide how much exercise it can deal with. I was just lucky  or just  as stubborn as  always and just kept pushing my body even when I was feeling tired. There are golden rules and it all depends on you.

was training from the first until the last day

react differently on therapy anf
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I haven't added this Tracker yet, But when I was on peg/reb I was sicker then a dog, it was very painful to want to get up out of bed and i always had a fever I was lucky when I could make it down the stairs to the bathroom, for me taking a cool shower helped at times and I was told drinking water on a regular bases was a part of helpingwith  the side effects when i started to drink water I had less side effects,. Knowing what i know Now and what I have experienced in my own opinion 1. I didn't feel like doing anything not even going outside for a walk, at least for the first month to see how my body was going to react with the meds, of course it wasn't always this way what I can say is that I've had my good days and Bad days. and yes their were days and times that i was able to get back on track to doing what i use to do before treatment and i always kept to my appointments at The CDC office in my town.

Peace out & Hope all works out for you
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