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HCV Awareness? Help?

Hi I found anricle about the simeprevir being approved.  They say that HCV can be transmitted by sex and drugs on their news cast,  I wrote under comments all the other ways that is can be contracted and told them they were doing a diservice to everyone who might have it by saying drugs, sex and blood transfusions were the only way to transmit.

I then wrote down the clipper, toothbrush, medical dental transmission which seem to be occruing in the new quite frequently.  When I say frequently, more than one occurence is frequent.  There was a doctor recently reusing his syrninges, that is sick, despicable.

Ok, so I commented early yesterday,  I see nothing, it is waiting for moderatiion, last night I commented again, nothing.

Can everyone help raise awareness and comment on this site?  I think that people really need to know that they could be at risk  I have read that 75% of people with HCV don't know they have it.. No I do not have the study.:)

I have been told that people born between 1945 and 1965 have gone in to their doctors to be tested and are asked, sex? drugs? transfusion? no you do not need to be tested

This reminds me of the AIDS epidemic, when it was first discovered, everyone was told it was a Gay or drug user disease, at one point some idiot said it was God's way of cleansing the population (no I do not have the study or the quote that is why I said idiot)  They further told women that they had nothing to fear so countless women out there thought they were safe. I do not think they had any attention to their plight until Rock Hudson was diagnosed.  I wonder where they would have been without Elizabeth Taylor.

I hope it is allowed to post this, I think this is a perfect opportunity to raise awareness, of course I have no study on this either, just my own personal experience of the ignorance and the stigma and the sick, dead and dying

Ok, off my soap box :)  Please be kind :) I will return the favor:)...either way ha ha
My best to all of you wonderful people, I love you

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I went to hcvets.com but didn't see what you are describing. Their home page clearly describes all the different ways it can be transmitted and does a good job at it. I didn't see any links talking about the approval of semiprevir. Can you give a more specific URL? Maybe you meant an entirely different site but forgot to include the URL?
so very sorry not HCV vets, www.wtop.com

I guess I forgot to show the URL, so sorry, I will get it, again really sorry
I was telling them to go to hcv vets
here is the article, for some reason I can't even post the HCVVets website to tr to help


Thank you for helping me, I really appreciate.  I am babysitting and went too fast while she was sleeping  I was telling WTOP news to go to HCVets so they could help people

I recently stumbled across this website, which seems to be one of the best I have found in 3 years of research. Very extensive, very complete, regarding HCV and includes info on cirrhosis and HCC.

Hope all is well with you.


I agree the article is lame and incomplete.  You would think by now people would have the facts straight.  guess not.  Hey everybody!  Go get tested no matter what your doctor says.  Insist upon it!! They work for you .
I also agree imho, The hepatitiscnewdrugsresearch.com website is really good.

on the hvcvets.com site article i saw this for the first time.... about the 1992 test was only 65% effective in detecting HCV (+AB test i am assuming) and then the test didnt detect 99% until 2001? that is not much more than 50% until 2001....  That is not good.. Have I been under a rug or something?  I am just now seeing this for the first time.
"The Hepatitis C epidemic is discovering what was... In 1988, 242,000 Hepatitis C infections were reported annually. These high figures were reported from the 1960s and throughout 1980s, then declining after 1992 when another test developed detected 65% of positive patients. However, it wasn't until 2001 a test was able to detect 99.9% of positive results."
WOW! 2001? No I di dnot know that either.  All I have ever heard was that the text was developed in 1999.

That does make sense though.  A friend of mine, in 2006, had a baby,  after going home she started to hemorage.  She had to be admitted in to the hospiatl where over the course of a few days had 4 pints of blood

When the OBGYN came to see her, she told her that she could have exposed herself to HCV, AIDS, etc.  My friend, said, I thought there was a test.  The doctor said "it is not 100%"" who knew that

I would like to apologize again for not getting it right the first time.

I meant to say that on the radio WTOP news radio got it wrong  when the mentioned ways HCV could be transmitted  when they mentioned that a new drug had been approved by the FDA..

I think ignorance about HCV is just awful.  I thought by commenting on the WTOP website which is read by most in Washington DC Metro area that it could go a long way in bringing awareness to this issue.

Look at all the tattoos out there.

As usual I got it wrong.  Yes, I am a fool, no study needed for that ha ha.
As   is the norm, my heart was in the right place, my foot in my mouth.

Saying that, I would be the fool if it would help save one persons life. If one person would get help because of my comment it would be really gratifying.

Please comment on the article.  Please bring awareness to HCV.

I am trying to get people to sign the petition that Margarette Duddley has started.  They have over 80K signatures, only need 100K to get the president to address it.
Once it reaches 100K he has to address

  I am going there again now to try to comment for the 4th and 5th time

I will come back with the URL for Margaretts petition

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