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ABC bans plus-size Lane Bryant ad
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ABC bans plus-size Lane Bryant ad

Re: ABC bans plus-size Lane Bryant ad (photos, video) Girls' body image debate

I saw this on the news this morning - if you watch the commercial this woman hardly seems corpulent....she's simply just gorgeous!

Now is the issue really # 1 or # 2??????????

I don't understand why we can celebrate super skinny girls with tremendous fake boobs but not show this commercial which isn't even slightly racy except that she has great attitude!  Why the prejudice against plus sized models everywhere these days - when the average size woman is a 12! Plus the size 0 girls in the commercials these days are TEENS.  When it is not ok to be womanly, God it makes even me feel tremendous & old at the same time!

Or - is it just clever advertising to draw attention to the Lane Bryant commercial and was planned to have this effect all along?

ABC refused to air the new Lane Bryant lingerie ad because ABC couldn’t handle the beautiful bust she flaunted in a Lane Bryant ad. The network said it was too hot for TV. Apparently Ashley's plus-size breasts were too hot to handle -- or something like that.

ABC protested that they would have run the ad if it had been edited, but the editing would have "gutted" the ad. “We’ve never witnessed this level of content censorship,” said Holly Baird, a rep for the clothier.

Ashley said she was surprised because Victoria's Secret ads are much racier -- only done with thinner and less-endowed women.

So ... is that it? It's okay to show America's children super-skinny models -- a standard very few can achieve -- but not to show what real people look like? How many people do you know who are a size 3? Ashley is size 16, and a shapely 16, too.

Here is the banned ad:

What do you think? It's sexy, sure, but it's nothing worse than I've seen before on TV. Again, it annoys me that TV is objecting to showing what real women look like. If she'd had a little less boobage they would have had no problem. The size of the breasts isn't what makes this sexy, you twits! It's the attitude.

Ashley is comfortable with her body. She obviously feels sexy. Nothing wrong with that. I'd rather have my daughter healthy and a little plump than anorexic and dying.

If you’re curious how Ashley got her start in modeling and the heights she has scaled, then please visit Madison Plus for this exclusive editorial, interview with Ashley, her parents, and a special video dedication from the Ford + board.

I'm not saying I think it's okay to be obese, but holding up these skeletal models as the goal for our young girls is a very bad thing, I think. USA Today had an article, Do thin models warp girls' body image?, and even designers are becoming horrified. Psychiatrists have been horrified for years. The article said:

When Frederique van der Wal, a former Victoria's Secret model, attended designers' shows during New York's Fashion Week this month, she was "shocked" by the waiflike models who paraded down the catwalk. They seemed even skinnier than in previous years.

"This unnatural thinness is a terrible message to send out. The people watching the fashion shows are young, impressionable women," says van der Wal, host of Cover Shot on TLC.

Scary? What's more scary is that article was written in 2006. Things have only gotten worse. The National Institute on Media & the Family has an interesting article called, Media's Effect on Girls: Body Image and Gender Identity. It quotes many sources and studies, but what caught my eye was:

A child's body image develops as the result of many influences:

A newborn begins immediately to explore what her body feels like and can do. This process continues her whole life.

A child's body image is influenced by how people around her react to her body and how she looks.
A pre-adolescent becomes increasingly aware of what society's standards are for the "ideal body."
I've heard fathers teasing their daughters for being fat. "I'm just joking," they say. Well, the girls don't seem to believe them. They're not that dumb. I know women who are fatter because they thought they were ugly and just gave up. How "fat" were they? One woman was a size 14 and was too embarrassed to go swimming. I bet Ashley Graham doesn't have a problem going swimming.

I think we need more people like Ashley Graham.

I've always been heavy and was teased as a child (and I honestly wasn't all that fat then) and this has had its effect on me throughout my whole life. If I could be as "fat" as I was as a teenager now, I'd be thrilled! I wasn't that heavy, but I felt like a whale. I just hate to see young girls eying those skeletal models and thinking that's the way they should look.

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475300 tn?1312426726
size 12 is the norm???  Geeze I thought I was getting fat with my size 6 jeans LOL.  

NY girl, I was the opposite, always teased about being too skinny (without trying) and I hated it.

I think the ban is stupid.
179856 tn?1333550962
Me too people making fun of my long long chicken legs and being a size 4/6 at my height.  I guess there are always stupid people out there who don't like whatever is different than them. But yup size 12 is considered average. Pretty surprised by that because up here in the NY area it seems to me average is a 0 - 2 - even for middle aged ladies! (And I wonder why I can't find a decent man!)  ;)
Avatar f tn
I have to agree, young girls are so impressionable and some
would rather die then be a size over 2.  It is because of what
society has done and all the teasing and/or boasts.

751342 tn?1297434382
I saw this, too, and couldn't figure it out. They allowed the Victoria's Secret commercial in the same time frame. I agree, the model in the Lane Bryant ad is gorgeous. I am a size 1 thanks to tx getting me down to this size and me taking steps (regular Zumba classes) to stay this way, but I will tell people to kick me if I ever get down to a 0 because I will have crossed the line at that point. I'm just over 5 ft. tall with a small frame so 1 is a realistic size for me. Celebrate beauty in all sizes and shape :) Many of the fashion mags are supporting this and it's about time. Good post, Deb.
179856 tn?1333550962
Wasn't she gorgeous and she didn't appear flabby or anything in any way - she had a great body I was so shocked that she was that large...I never would have guessed in a million years! I mean obviously she wasn't a size 0 or anything but honestly I couldn't have guessed that is for sure.

In the interview with her she just looked like any old model in the world tall and beautiful and self confident!

If young girls could learn to bottle that confidence against all the teasing and taunting what a generation of beauties there would be!

I don't like Jessica Simpson much but I have watched her beauty show a few times and it's just amazing to me that someone even like her can have low self esteem issues - she's actually kind of lovely in the show, not what I expected at all!
Avatar f tn
I think that it is sad, quite honestly.  There is a common knowledge that obesity is rampant in our country and with that in mind, why can't they run an ad for a plus sized woman?  It's ridiculous!  Here in the south I can certainly believe the 12 being the average because there are A LOT of heavy women in the south.  I, myself bounce around anywhere from a 6 all the way up to a 14-when I was at my largest size ever...  It's been many years since I weighed that much, but back then, I had a 40+ hr a week sedentary job, ALOT of stress, and I rarely exercised at all.  For the past couple of years I've been about a 10ish size.  When I was on treatment for awhile and lost a bunch of weight, I dropped down to a 6.  But, I honestly don't believe that in my entire lifetime that I've ever been a size 0-3.  I went right from a juniors teen size into a misses 8 (I think).  I think it sends a bad message to young girls that they have to look like a skeletan to be pretty.., that is NOT TRUE.  That's my opinion for what it's worth.

92903 tn?1309908311
"A newborn begins immediately to explore what her body feels like and can do. This process continues her whole life. "

Life is good.
338734 tn?1377163768
I am not sure about the politics at ABC, but I am getitng kind of excited to see the ad! ;-)
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