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Gaining weight after tx
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Gaining weight after tx

Two months post tx and Im fat! I cant stop eating and have gained 10 pounds! I lost 12 during tx.
I can eat every hour on the hour and not just snack I want FOOD!!

All labs are okay..no thyroid issues...
Im a balloon!!

Dont want sweets, I want full course meals!

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Have any riba diet pills left?
You should of seen me the day I opened the bottle and threw them in the trash.
It was a beautiful day!!!!!!!!!

I felt like I won more than a lotto ticket!
First, I was just kidding.  Second, disposing of riba should come under some bio-hazard regulations.
I gave my syringes to doctor...I gave Riba also.....I just emptied the riba one by one into container!! For self satisfaction!!

I know you were kidding silly!!

The syringes were in the container when I gave it to nurse...She still didnt want to touch it--She made a squirmy face!

Sounds like life is looking good again and you have a lust for pleasure, food being one.

Or else you're eating your troubles away, and the fridge never looked better for getting rid of them.

There's a new law in Japan in which employers are required to measure the waist size of each employee. If the measurement does not fall within strict government guidelines, the employer has to pay a penalty to the government!

You can imagine who the company wants to let go.....

Enjoy but watch the weight gain.  I love food, even on tx. I was brought up to eat every last drop and never rebelled over it. Thankfully, I have my dad's 'metabo'.
Yes Im starting to feel so human again..stilll brain fogged out though....
I am going to start a new regimin to lose this fat ,this is horrible and gained it all in my stomach! Its going to go!!

BTW- Thats an interesting fact regarding Japan.
THey should do that in the U.S.!! HAA
Everyone is so heavy here in the states!

Take care, feel well
I can be your hippoman!!
In 57 days I have gained 15lbs I´m eating right know cornflaces with youghurt turkish cream youghurt mixed with ordinary, I want sweets and a lots of full course meals.
Wait got to take another portion not kidding its true lol.

been out jogging (mostly walking) 40minuts just before I LOVE FOOD!!!!!!!!!!!

Oh Charm..........Oh no welcome to my world of FAT! I was skeletor on treatment - at 5'7 I started at 120 and dropped almost 20 to about 100 - you can imagine how horrible i looked.

Well then I gainned back those pounds........and then it kept going up up up up up till the point where i have GAINNED more over that (15 - 17 pounds) and it didn't start to slow down till about six months ago (well maybe it didn't even but Ijust don't know yet).....

I am miserable and disgusted.  I go all day eating hardly anything, people laugh at me for the small quantities. Then at night it's like I LOSE it completely and just want to eat everything. Plus I can't stop drinking milk........I must have three glasses a night for some reason (I guess it replaced the treatment ice cream?). So the next day I restrict my eating and then at 9pm BAM I am STARVING for chicken and cheeseburgers and FOOD....

Mine is mostly my stomach too (honestly boobs, stomach and butt) and for me who never had any fat before it's just horrible.

I DO have thyroid issues BUT my numbers are PERFECT and I take my syntrhoid every single day so it's not that.  I don't know what it is that makes me starving but.....

If you find an answer please let me know, If I find one I promise I'll tell you too.

It is the ONE reason that sometimes I regret doing treatment as stupid as that sounds. All those years of dieting and giving up fries and milkshakes that everybody else enjoyed and now.......I might as well have had them all.  :(

I wish I had a different story to tell you but........fall me Fatso PigGirl I swear!
Earlier today I was walking for 70minuts with sticks , as when you are skiing are people doing that in the US aswell?

I can´t stop eating because i don´t want to but if I´m both eating and not moving thats when the snowball effect could happen and I´ve been kind of still sitting for a while.

You know I shair my dog with my oldest daughter shes been having the dog awefully lot lately, ok the dog is comming tomorrow staying for a week but it seems like she, my daughter wanna take over the dog totally and then its not as easy to get out and walk.

Do the hippo hippo (((((((((((((((shaaaaakee))))))))))))))))) like your back aint got no bones!!!
Hello fellow porkys,
  I too  am finding food irrisistable, ( as I type this I'm having 2 pieces of toast with peanut butter and honey) Lost 18 lb.s intially, now I've gained it all back plus a few, in what seems like overnight. Add to that, a bit of hypothyroid, and I'm barely keeping on top of things wt. wise. A couple of months ago, my skin was hanging, now my bum jiggles as I go down the stairs, not funny.
  I read somebody's post from a few months ago, and he felt the same, had gained wt. post tx. He also felt his metabolism had slowed down, so he gave it a jump start, by working out harder,(I seem to remember something about him jogging with a brick in his backpack) , anyways, he said, his metabolism is back to normal, and so is his weight.
Are we all starting our diets together Monday,lol?
Ok I guess I am in Porky's club, mind you I am very small to begin with, and I lost about 15 lbs on tx, so I weighed about 98lbs before I stopped.  (Havent been on a scale yet)  But I can't stop eating.  Here's what I usually eat now in one day:
Whole wheat bagel with butter and jelley
Sandwich for lunch with a bag of chips
Another piece of fruit
A tastycake of some kind
and a choclate bar
Then Dinner which one night this week was steak, baked potatoe, aspargus, mushrooms, salad
And then Cheese Twist and Ice Cream.

I dont like SWEETS i never had!!!!!!

Dont get me wrong i need the weight!  but on treatment that was what i ate in two weeks!!!

I am having thyroid test tomorrow.  I think its because food just taste so good, and our body is craving it!
Hopefully it will taper off!

When I stopped tx I was 118.  I lost 3 more pounds the next 4-6 weeks or so.
Now 24 weeks post I've put on 15 pounds.  Time to stop eating what I want, I also like those full course meals!!
(I think tx also messes withg our metabolism.)
As long as you are feeling better, don't worry about the poundage right now.  
Just gain your strength back.  We'll always have something to worry about.
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