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How to get motivated to work out when tired and aching
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How to get motivated to work out when tired and aching

I love to work out, I have really let it go to minimal workouts at best, since I have had aches and pains in legs, joints,elbows, tired and depressed. What do ya'll do to get that extra push you need?
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I hate to say this.... But I didn't push myself to keep going. I couldn't. Some things I could do --- so I did them.

Other things - were next to impossible - they were like the huge mountains... And I was but a mere ant. LOL!

But --- I did make myself go to work. I did make myself interact with my family - and I did make myself come here and read.

I think if you are depressed You should go see a doctor regarding antidepressants - this treatment can cause depression in the most sturdiest folks... It's a very scary treatment - but again - the only current possible cure.

But as for pains --- talk to the doctor about pain medications that you can be allowed to take. Get in with your doctor for a good regimen - do what you can --- WHEN you can. Don't make a stiff schedule - and demand it of yourself every day --- you will only fail... Or at least - I did... and that, in itself, is depressing.

But some ideas:

Get some low level workout tapes and use those.

Get some friends to help push you through it

Remember --- if you are in pain --- you may be damaging things that you are unaware of.

REMEMBER that this SOC can cause arthritis and other possible diseases - so PLEASE be sure to check with your doc. OK?

Super hugs and keep trying - even if you can't...

And if you can't ---- DON'T BE TOO HARD ON YOURSELF.

This is just my own experience… but my workouts and many other pleasurable things that I used to enjoy have taken a backseat to my treatment. Right now my number one priority is to do this treatment. The way I look at it, my body is not in the best shape anyway these days. To say the least!!! Ribavirin rashes over most of my chest and back, swollen ankles and feet, black and blue needle bruises on my stomach and arms. Luckily San Francisco is not a bathing suit wearing town!!! LOL

Once in awhile I've been able to workout with my weights (I have portal hypertension and varices so I have to take it easy). But I don't beat myself up about it because I’m not consistent like I was during the previous years before tx. There will be plenty of time to get back in shape after I overcome this virus. (I have cirrhosis so it is important for me to do what I can now to stop the advancing of this disease).

I say more power to you if you can find the reserves inside of yourself to workout. If you can continue to do the things you did before starting treatment I’m sure that will be good for you. For myself I'm satisfied to be progressing week by week through my treatment.

Best of luck with your treatment and workouts!

I used to do high impact weights and martial arts but had to cut back from soreness.
I went into intense stretching exercises i learned from various places and low impact activities like swimming and such. You can become very fit with just stretching alone.
I feel your pain
i have so many pains now...i try to get exercise and do but nothing like i use to..i still work construction though....and i haven't tx yet...i think my drinking did damage physically as well as mentaly with the added anxiety..and the anxiety = pains...but i also think it was just that time for my hep to really kick up...when the hep sx really start up life can be quite different...i have to fake not being in pain a lot....here on the forum we can all whine.....good luck....billy
I keep trying to work through the pain, too, but it gets more difficult with time. I've really seen a noticeable decline in the past year. When I lived on the farm, I worked through the pain cuz I had to...hauling firewood, feed, what have you.... I thought I woosed out when I moved into town last year, but now I realize the the timing was right.

I started walking to work, a 3 mile jaunt round trip...nothing too strenuous, but it's helped. At least from the waist down anyway. Still trying to find a way to get an upper body workout that doesn't drop me to me knees. Any hints would be greatly appreciated!

Like D977 writes, stretching does help, but I'm trying to find something that will help me regain some of my arm strength as well as range of motion.

Hang in there, Headshop...at least you're in good company!

Its hard struggling thru this monstrous tx, it consumes so much in terms of physical resources - no way I can do my customary workout (treadmill, mat work and some weights).  I have no wind at all because the ribavarin has caused severe anemia, which makes my arms and legs feel like lead weights, and my heart races whenever  exert myself at all.  So I've not been able to do my usual.  

One really good thing is swimming.  The joint and muscle aches and pains from the interferon get some relief in warm water, and I'm not fighting gravity so I don't get so winded.  Its relaxing too, and a great psychological help to feel I'm doing something active.  Some days I just paddle around a bit, but on a good day I can do some real swimming and a bit of water aerobics.  No strain on joints that way and it helps relax my muscles.  (Anybody else notice how much tension we're carrying in our necks and shoulders?)  Stretching in the water is good too

Like Hector, my priority is beating this virus right now, but I don't want to let everything else fall apart meanwhile.  Besides, the better shape I'm in fitness-wise, the better equiped I am to fight the Hep C.

I do what I can, its different from day to day.  I push myself a little bit, but its hard to find a balance between what I want to accomplish and what my body can tolerate.  

Once I have slain the Hep C dragon I'll put on more of a push to get back in shape.  For now everythng else must take a back seat to SVR.  I'm in week 32 of 48, two-thirds done.  Hoping for great things when the torture treatment is finally behind me.

Be kind to you self, and listen to your body.  That way you'll find what works for you.

Good luck to us all, and hoping we all get back to our old selves soonest.


Sorry this is so disjointed - very bad sx and brain fog lately.  Can't wait to get back full use of my brains.
I have heard a lot about stretching and swimming as the best workouts, thanks
Also, that tx comes first, then try working out.

With stretching and low impact exercises mentioned has anyone tried or know about doing Yoga.
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