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Needs help please
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Needs help please

Hello, newbie  here I'm a 55 yr old woman know I've had hep-c since about 1982,Since then I've done ok all labs normal no other signs,,in 2007 strange things started happening to me labs still normal, now 2010 lost my job due to all the illness that started applied to SS for Disability and was approved 1 st attempt,,Now I have no insurance at all I will be able to get Medi-care this coming Oct,,that is if I make it,,,For the last 2 months I've had bad liver pain,,I can't get out of bed,,years ago Never did get a biopsy my GI didn't want to put me on treatment because I have bad depression,,I figure I will die of this and I'm scared I have liver cancer now but nothing I can do,,I take pain meds I get from the pain clinic,,even tho they only help about 40% now but i didnt tell the Dr as i cant afford any other drug,,I've been on opiates since 2008 so I'm sure that has kicked the virus way up I read where it really destroys your liver!, I have symptoms of a lot of Diseases but I know it's all related to my Hep-c..Any one have any advice on what I can do with no insurance any one know of anything?   Blessings to all of you in this group,..
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I don't understand. If you are on disability I thought you automatically get Medicare. I am not sure where you are from, but in California, if you go to a County hospital, you can be seen and will be referred to the GI Clinic.
If you are in such severe pain that you really cannot get out of bed, then you need to get someone to take you to the emergency room now.

But if you are letting your imagination get carried away by your fears then you need to know that having pain in your liver area does not mean cancer. A lot of us who do not have cancer,have pain in that area.
You need to be tested again and see a GI or a Hepatologist and maybe get a referral to a Psychiatrist to see about anti-depressants as well.

I feel it is important to repeat this. Severe,agonizing pain can be serious  and you need to go to the ER if this is the case.

We cannot really help you right now, you need to see the Medical professionals to determine what is happening and what needs to be done.

All the best and please let us know how you fare.

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Not sure why you woud think you have cancer, thats why us cirrhotics have to do twice yearly screening...... I think I would take Rivlls advice here.

I also don't understand why you do not have medicare since you have been on disability for more then 2 years.......... Good luck
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Hi, Thank you for your reply,,,just to let you know when you Are approved for SS Disability you have to be on it for 2 years before your Medi--care eligibile,,You can verify that under the SSGov,Org website,,Crazy law but my guess they know your very sick and most likely hoping you will die so they won't have to pay you,,What other reason would it be? I do live in Ca and just because you go to the ER does not mean you get a referral to a GI,,I can request it but it was $900.00 for the consult,,I have no insurance,I'm married we're both on SS I also get a small long term disability check from my past employer,, but we make to much money to get ANY state aid what so ever,,Crazy I know but I've done everything looked everywhere,,,I was asking in case some one maybe knew if there was some kind of trial or just something I didn't know,,,,Yes I'm depressed in bad pain and do know it can be serious and i do know when it's time to go to the ER I will, This is a sad world for someone with no insurance and are sick, a very scary world,All the best to you too,

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When I said to go to a County hospital I didn't mean the ER (unless you need to go right away because of the pain) I meant the clinic within the hospital. I didn't think that the County hospitals make you pay if you are low income. Another thing is you can apply for what is called Charity care. Your income is low enough to qualify, in S.F. UCSF and Sutter Health both have programs, but you do have to jump through a lot of hoops to get the help. Still,in the end it is well worth it.
You probably will not qualify for a research study if your former Dr. didn't want to treat you and also because you are on pain medication.
I got into a study in SF but it was difficult because I have cirrhosis and I was initially excluded.
If you want to pm me I will tell you how to go about applying for Charity care. I know people with higher incomes than you who qualified.
Good luck
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As the others said, you have been eligible for Medicaid since you have been awarded Social Security disability. Either SSI or SSDI.

Medicare and MediCAID are two entirely separate programs.

* Medicare is a Federal program run by the US government. You or your spouse paid for it whenever you worked. The money was deducted from your pay check as the Social Security tax on each pay stub.

* MediCAID covers low-income and financially needy people and is administered by the 50 states; rules differ in each state. Medicaid information is available at your local county social services, welfare, or department of human services office.

There is no wait for MediCAID. Eligible people go on MediCAID while they are waiting to be eligible for Medicare.

Go to

Find your state and find out what resources are available to you.

How can I get Medicaid?
You may be eligible for benefits through Medicaid.  Medicaid programs vary by state, so you will need to check with your state Medicaid office for more information.


'People with disabilities are eligible in every state.  In some states, people with disabilities qualify automatically if they get Supplemental Security Income (SSI) benefits. In other states you may qualify depending on your income and resources (financial assets)'.

What does Medicaid cost?

'Medicaid coverage is designed to be affordable for everyone who is eligible. Cost sharing for Medicaid varies by state but is extremely limited for most participants'.

What does Medicaid cover?
The benefits covered for adults through Medicaid are different in each state, but certain benefits are covered in every Medicaid program.

Doctor’s services that are covered by Medicaid include:

Laboratory and X-ray services
Inpatient hospital services
Outpatient hospital services
Health screenings for children and treatment if medical problems are identified
Comprehensive dental and vision services for children
Family planning services and supplies
Long-term care services and supports
Medical and surgical dental services for adults
Pediatric and family nurse practitioner services
Services provided in health clinics
Nurse-midwife services
Nursing facility services for adults
Home health care services for certain people
Prescription drugs
Other benefits your state must cover for children and may cover for adults:

Physical, occupational, or speech therapy
Eye doctor visits, eyeglasses
Audiology, hearing aids
Prosthetic devices
Mental health services
Respite and other in-home long-term care
Case management
Personal care services
Hospice services
You say you were awarded SS Disability?
For what condition exactly?
How can your 'labs still normal' yet your medical records had to provide evidence with tests that your illness will last for over a year and you are not able to function enough to do your previous work to get Social Security disability?

For the last 2 months I've had bad liver pain,I can't get out of bed..

First you haven't seen a doctor so you don't even know that is your liver causing the pain. There other many other things that are more likely to cause abdominal pain than your liver. Too many to mention in fact.

'I figure I will die of this and I'm scared I have liver cancer now but nothing I can do'.

You can get Medicaid that is what you can do.
Also first you need to have advanced liver disease (cirrhosis) to have liver cancer. Which is something no don't mention at all. So imagining you have  liver cancer is based on no actually medical knowledge. In these posts you haven't mentioned anything that sounds like cirrhosis.
Quite frankly worry about liver cancer after having symptoms for 2 months is really pointless because there is nothing you could do about it at that point anyway. It a much better use of your time to get medical help and get the real facts which is usually a lot better then we imagine.

'I've been on opiates since 2008 so I'm sure that has kicked the virus way up I read where it really destroys your liver!'

Opiates do not affect hepatitis C and they do not damage the liver when taken with correct dosages. But if you have been 'on' opiates for 3 years you are addicted and need to cure your addiction now, so get help with your addiction. Persons who are addicted to alcohol or drugs are not in any condition to treat their hepatitis C for 24 or 48 weeks. So if you want to cure your hep C and stop your liver disease you need to overcome your addiction first.

'I have symptoms of a lot of Diseases but I know it's all related to my Hep-c'.

What are the symptoms that you are having that you think are related to your liver disease caused by hepatitis C?
You haven't mention any so far.
Please describe them with as much detail as possible. As it turns out many people believe that they are having symptoms relating to hep C or liver disease when they actually aren't symptoms of either condition.

Call Medicaid tomorrow at get health insurance process moving as soon as possible. Then you ca find out what your health problems are.
Only a doctor can diagnose the cause of your pain and any other health issues and then help you manage any illness you have.

In the meantime you can seek out local health resources as rivil said. Many communities have low or no cost medical services available if you search for them. Having abdominal pain for 2 months and not getting medical help is never a good idea. Get help now.

Good luck.
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Wow so much info,,learned a lot,,So many questions and I appreciate all of your reply,,Thank you,,,,I have so many things wrong with me that I couldn't even type it all,,Got stage 4 arithits in my hands,,I will take all of your advice and get in to see a Dr soon...thanks again.
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