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Hepatitis from mononucleosis
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Hepatitis from mononucleosis

  About 9 years ago, when I was 20, I got
  mononucleosis. As a result of the mono,
  I developed hepatitis. I remember the
  jaundice, feeling tired and week, being in
  bed for several weeks, and especially
  my hands and feet itching. And after I was
  well, I was told not to consume alcohol for
  several months. What I don't remember
  is whether or not there were any long-
  term implications. Is hepatitis that
  develops from mono any specific type?
  A or B, etc? Or is it simply non-viral
  hepatitis? Can I ever give blood? Can I
  pass it on to my wife? My doctors at the
  time didn't tell me about any long term
  complications, but my wife and I are kind
  of curious. I have been unable to find
  anything online that answers my specific
  questions. Please fill me in if you can.
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