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11 months continuous symptoms. Is this HSV2 or some other STD?
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11 months continuous symptoms. Is this HSV2 or some other STD?

Going into  11 months of continous symptoms.
only change  fluxuations of intensity.
No lesions anywhere on body.
Infected Jan 3 condom came off or Jan 5 unprotected,
after lady reveals has hsv-2
in an active outbreak, blister below tailbone.
Said infected 35 years ago, never tested,
2 weeks later my 1st symptoms,
burning urethra 4 days followed in the next month
burning top of thighs, stomach, tailbone & lower left lip.
greasey film on nose
Did 3 sessions valacyclovir
5 days no effect.
Feb 20 intensity of burning drops
but sensation similar to deep heating cream remains.
lips sensitive & sore, increases in evening.
permanent scarring in corners of mouth.
slight numbness in feet & tinnitus.
skin top of thighs blotchy & hair stunted.
All these symptoms remain to this day.

April 6 full physical.
IgM negative.
std package negative.
April 10  burning on nose
burning top upper & lower arms.
May 31/ IgG blood test
"Herpes Simplex antibody results are equivocal.
Possible early infection."
June/ burning on buttocks around sides & lower back.
Oct 24/ burning ramps up & has remained ramped up on
lips,  appearance & feeling of sunburn
tailbone & top of thighs.
Nov 20/ IgG retest & western blot test.
"Negative for antibody to HSV-1 and HSV-2.
No evidence of infection with HSV-1 or HSV-2. ."
My thoughts:
*at 67 my body's unable to produce detectable antibodies.
*never having hsv-1, immune system defenseless against hsv-2.
*I'm infected with something other than or in addition to hsv.
lMy fear is, being in what feels like an uninterrupted outbreak,
I'm continuously highly infectious.
Any thoughts on my situation greatly appreciated

dec 5
your symptoms aren't related at all to herpes.
you've tested negative repeatedly to herpes
- really no reason to think this is herpes
causing your symptoms.
have you followed up with a neurologist at all
for some of your symptoms?

hi grace thank you for your reply.
I haven't seen a neurologist.
Is  there is an std out there lurking
that can cause neurological symptoms such as mine?
Finding it hard for me to believe
that I didn't contract some std varient,
when 2 weeks after sexual contact,
my urethra begins burning
then thighs, lips & tailbone follow.
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you posted about this previously and received an answer. follow up in your original post if you have new questions/comments. thanks!
Avatar m tn
sorry grace I was trying to post this on the ask doctors forum.
seems very complicated to use.
couldn't find anywhere to pay. thanks rob
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