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2 raised dark lesions for 35+ days? Not herpes?
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2 raised dark lesions for 35+ days? Not herpes?

I have two spots about 2-3mm across, 1mm raised and dome shaped
-At the base of my penis in the hairy wrinkly part that is the beginning of the scrotum
-After shaving one day I noticed they were just there in full form
-They've persisted for 5 weeks now (at least 35 days with NO change)
-One is purpleish
-The other is skin colored
-Neither look like a blister, just raised skin
-They both turn redder if I mess with them.
-They are both smooth and Not cauliflower like (Or I just can't get close enough to see)
-They don't hurt
-They occasionally itch
-They're not fluid filled
-Four days ago I was scratching them and they BOTH peeled a little
-One day ago I scratched them and  they both peeled more and where raw/sore, there was NO pus.
-Today they seem normal, just a little flatter and red.

I've been having unprotected sex with someone who has previously had HPV type 18 (pre-cancerous cells found in pap) for at least 10 weeks now.

Molluscum - However they don't seem to have an intention.
HPV - I heard it takes much longer to incubate, like 6 months or so? Can 18 cause warts?
Herpes - No flu like symptoms, spots never hurt, and doesn't 35 days unchanged rule herpes out?
Razor burn/ingrown hair/sebatious cyst/angiokeratomas, etc - Would these persist this long?

I mean, they don't obviously LOOK like a blister, they don't FEEL like a blister,
And I've had shingles before, they were painful, and OBVIOUSLY blisters.
Unless HSV2 looks a lot different?

They just look like raised slightly darker spots of skin that get irritated when i scratch them.

Any help?
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these aren't herpes symptoms. herpes lesions would never stick around unchanged for 5 weeks like this.

could they be hpv? they could be. did you have your gardasil shot series? many other things they could be too.

stop picking at them and be seen this week by your provider for a proper exam and better answers!

Thanks, I've been absolutely freaking out about the herpes potential, but symptoms and logic dictate that it's highly unlikely.

Here's a bit of an update:
1.They have gone mostly back to skin color, with a slightly darker tone.

2. When not paying attention I itched a hair follicle next to the first two and noticed the skin was tough, within 2 hours that area raised up a little and turned darker/reddish like the others.

3. (Most important)
When under normal light they are almost indistinguishable from the rest of my scrotal skin -- they mainly look raised.
It's only in bright natural light or a flashlight that you can tell they are discolored, and mainly Slightly Shiny.

When in light , the surrounding skin has a few (3-5) pen-point size, slightly shiny dots too, they are all FLAT though... except for the one I just accidental scratched. These dots, together with the raise bumps, are what has been making me freak out. It basically only look like a patch in super bright light where you can see how reflective they are.

Scheduled Doctors visit in the morning. I'll follow up with the results.
I agree with Grace - not herpes symptoms. Being seen is best, as you plan on doing.
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