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Borderline HSV-2
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Borderline HSV-2

I think I have way too much about herpes, borderline, this and that and even about monolaurin.
I went for some checkup a week back because of uneasy feeling while I pee. There is a pinching feeling that I get. But it is not always there. The feeling comes and go.

Yes I did have sex two weeks ago and I am aware of all the different sexual transmitted viruses.

So the first check-up I went, i told the doctor that I have this thing happening to me. Thought maybe it is some food poisoning or some kidney problems or what. The doctor gave me zithromax because he said it might be some infection. I took it and after 1 and a half day, I have like a pimple looking, just like a small swollen bump at my tummy area, not near the genitals. I have not finished the zithormax yet so I went to the doctor again. Told him what was happening. He said that it could be herpes. So I told him that I wanted my blood to be tested. Asked him whether I should finish up the antibiotic, zithromax since I need to complete the course. He told me to complete it. Now the zithromax is finished.

My test came out two days ago. I have no HIV, no Syphilis, no chlamydia, no HSV-1 but the the doctos said my HSV-2 is equivocal, which he said was borderline.
The result was 0.97.

I asked him whether I should be worry and do i need any kinds of medicine. He told me not to worry. So should I worry or not. Thing is, I still don't get what is borderline.


HSV Type 2 IgG Ab    


Antibody status
Negative: 1.09

So what is borderline and what am i supposed to be worried about?

The doctor told me not to worry about anything at all. I am lost. DO i have herpes or is it a false result or is it that it is borderline because there isnt so much of the virus in me. Will it get worst.

But the day before the results, I have no more uneasy feeling while peeing. In fact, it was a day after the blood test that the pinching feeling is gone.

And one more thing, the doctor just gave me a medicine to relieve UTI and inflammatory of the bladder. Thats all.

I have some  Extra Virgin Coconut Oil on the way to my place in one day time, so I think I am going to eat because I would want to boost my immune system. Just in case. Also bought two bottle of lauricidin, monolaurin from http://lauricidin.com/. Just to boost my immune system. But so far I didnt fall sick.
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Avatar m tn
*I have researched way too much about.......

The first line error.
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you tested far too early. if your provider thought that this looked like a herpes lesion, they should've also did a lesion culture and typing on the actual symptoms since your last sexual contact was just 2 weeks ago.

at this point, you will need to wait 3 months and repeat your herpes igg blood test. should you have new lesions before then, be seen within 48 hours for a lesion culture and typing.  your syphilis testing was also done far too early too. you will need to repeat that sometime after 6 weeks post encounter.  same as depending on the hiv test you had done, it was done far too early too to be accurate.

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I will get myself test again in 3 months time for the time being I dont have any outbreaks so far. I am just taking better care of myself. I have done a lot of research, so i eat foods with the proper diets to maybe help boost my immune system. Thank you Grace.
If there are further questions, I will ask you.
Avatar f tn
it's been 14 weeks since i had unprotected sex. my herpes 2 igg test returned borderline positive at .9. the dr immediately took another sample to be tested. i am negative for syphillis (syphilis), gonorrhea, chlamydia,hiv 1 and 2 and hepatitis. i read 16 weeks is ideal but now im getting the cold.  i have no rashes except on my foot by my ankle and nothing abnormal down there. do i have it or not?should i do an anti body test? i did not test for hsv 1 since i was told almost everyone has it and it's nothing to worry about. is this true also?
hsv 2
<0.9 neg
.9-1 borderline positive
1.1 and over positive
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