Can bacterial vaginosis be mistaken for herpes?
by Hooterific, May 25, 2011
Over the past month I have been having intense itching in my vaginal area especially after sex. Over the weekend the itching was so intense that I rubbed myself raw and created an ulcerated lesion on my labia from it.  I went to my gyno yesterday for a checkup and to my surprise when he saw the lesion on my labia he told me I had herpes.  I have been with my partner for over 5 years and we are monogamous. I am also an egg donor and have donated 3x in the last year (last one was 3 mos ago) and each time I donate I am tested for any STDs including herpes (according to fertility nurse).  My gyno also noted that I had alot of white discharge and that I might have an overgrowth of yeast/ bacteria also.  I tried to explain to the dr that the lesion on my labia was self-inflicted (I know this bc I check myself down there everyday and the day that I was itching so bad is when I noticed it), but he insisted it was herpes.  A culture and blood test was done and I am now waiting for the results.  My husband is in medical school and does not beleive it is herpes but bacterial vaginosis due to the discharge.  I just wanted to know how I could possibly have herpes if I was tested 3 months ago and it was negative!
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by gracefromHHP, May 26, 2011
you've been tested buy has your husband?

can you get rashes and also scratch yourself raw from bv? well yes you can!!  It can give you an itch to drive you insane ( as you very well know! ) and it also irritates the skin so it can present with a rash that can be mistaken for herpes. Certainly though ruling out herpes is also worthwhile since having bv makes transmission of herpes more likely if your partner is infected.  

did your provider prescribe treatment for your vaginitis too?