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Could these be atypical symptoms of HerpesII? And getting help...
1. What are some of the more atypical or unusual symptoms of herpes?
2. Are there people for whom Valtrex does not work, and if so, what do they do?
3. Where are the best clinics/Doctors in the country to go to for treatment help, especially in the eastern and mid-western USA?

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Herpes typically presents with sores, but it can also present with cracks, fissures, irritated places that are red and look like abrasions.
I have not spoken with anyone for whom Valtrex doesn't work at all.  I have talked with people who need to increase their dose or split their dose and take it more often.  Sometimes people with immunosuppressed conditions don't respond well to the traditional antivirals and need different treatments.  Overall, only about .3 percent of healthy people with herpes have resistant stains for the virus, but very often, their next outbreak will be a fully susceptible strain of the virus.
Hard to know who to recommend, honestly.  Some possibilities are dermatologists and Planned Parenthood, also ID docs but I've seen problems with all of those specialties, too.

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