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HELP! is this a false positive? what do i do?
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HELP! is this a false positive? what do i do?

ok, I need some help and advice, here's my story.

four years ago I became sexually active, in the following two years I had a total of four sexual partners, whom I took most precautions with (although I will say that I had some unprotected sex after asking their sexual history and deeming it relatively safe) none of these girls had any sign or previous symptom of herpes.  

two years ago, unhappy with dating around I took a vow of celibacy until marriage.  shortly after I decided to get a full STD screening to be sure, and was told I was free of all infections and diseases. in the last two years I met the love of my life, the woman i'm going to marry. she is a virgin and we have both abstained from all sexual content.  

but as my wedding drew closer I wanted to go to my physician and have another full screening done in order to start our married life on a clean slate.(keep in mind that I have not had any sexual contact what so ever in over two years, and in the four years since I've had sex I have never experienced any sort of sore, lesion, or any discomfort in my genital area)

this morning I got a call from the lab with my results, and it came up positive for hsv2. I was in shock, I cried, I was confused.  I began reading frantically on the internet, trying to learn more, and I went to the lab to see my actual results. they are as follows:

Hsv 1 IgG:  .034

Hsv 2 IgG:  1.17

according to my research 1.17 is pretty low, and may be a false positive.  so long story short, does it seem like a false reading? should I get retested? and where? and if I do have Hsv2, why didn't it show up on my previous screening considering my genitals have literally had no contact with anything or anyone since then?

if I have to live with this virus then I believe I can handle it, because its from choices I've made.  but I pray for my fiancées sake that its a false reading, because she doesn't deserve to live with something she had no choice over.

thank you for reading this long post. I hope I gave enough information for you to give adequate advice.
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to give more information:
first sex partner: 5/2010-12/2011 (she was tested before and during relationship.)
second sex partner 10/2011-12/2011 (I was her second)
third sex partner 11/2011 (I was her second)
fourth sex partner 1/2012 (I was her second)

first screening 3/2012
last screening 1/10/2014
            (positive Hsv2)

no sexual contact from 1/8/2012 -1/15/2012
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